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Furnace Repair in St. Paul and Minneapolis

Fixing Furnace Problems in the Twin Cities

Minnesota winters are long and cold, which is why you need a reliable furnace to keep you and your family warm throughout the season. If you’re currently experiencing issues with your furnace, reach out to Service Today! for fast, reliable furnace repairs in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Bloomington, and the surrounding areas. Our expert heating technicians can accurately diagnose the problem and get right to work carrying out the necessary repairs. We service all makes and models of gas furnaces.

For rapid furnace repair you can rely on in St. Paul and Minneapolis, contact Service Today! at (888) 998-2032.

Signs You Need Professional Furnace Repairs

If your furnace simply won’t turn on, it’s pretty obvious that you need to call the pros for furnace repairs. However, other furnace problems aren’t so easy to spot.

Reach Out to Our St. Paul Furnace Repair Technicians If You Notice Any of the Following:

  • Not enough heated air coming from the furnace
  • Indoor temperatures that don’t match the thermostat setting
  • Weak or nonexistent airflow
  • Uneven heating throughout your home
  • Unexplained increases on your utility bills
  • Gas odors in your home when the furnace is turned on/off
  • Unusual noises coming from the furnace
If you’re dealing with a furnace problem, we can come out to your home and determine the root of the issue. If repairs are possible, our technicians will quickly and efficiently get to work to resolve the problem. If, however, we believe that you (and your wallet) would benefit more from full furnace replacement, we can recommend a new system that meets your comfort and budget needs. We will only offer our honest, professional advice; we never try to sell something we don’t truly believe you need.

Why Is Your Furnace Not Heating Your Home?

A broken furnace is never ideal in the cold months of Minnesota. While there are several signs that can indicate a breakdown is coming, you may be uncertain of the source of the problem. In order to locate the cause of your heating troubles, it’s best to bring in a furnace repair technician from our Minneapolis and St. Paul team. We will be able to thoroughly inspect your unit and determine what the problem truly is and the repair needed.

What Can Cause A Furnace To Stop Working?

  • Furnace filters that have become clogged by debris
  • Faulty mechanical components, such as cracked or damaged heat exchangers, dirty burners, and worn-out blower belts
  • Inadequate airflow causing other parts of your heating system to become overworked, resulting in the unit turning off or continuously cycling
  • Damaged ignitions or malfunctioning pilot lights
  • Electrical problems related to the furnace’s electrical wiring, a tripped circuit breaker, or the thermostat not connecting properly to the heating system
Each of these problems not only impacts the comfort of your home but your ability to receive the level of heat you need in the winter. Your furnace’s performance and energy-efficiency will suffer, and the potential of further damage accruing rises. That’s why it’s imperative you schedule service as soon as you notice a problem

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