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Ceiling Fans in the Twin Cities

Ceiling Fans in the Twin Cities

Full Service Ceiling Fan Care

Ceiling fans are important for circulation and airflow and are convenient for temperature control and individualized comfort. We can all relate to being in the same room as someone, when they feel hot and you feel cold. Instead of accumulating unnecessary utility costs and running the AC unit, ceiling fans are an energy-efficient cooling option that keeps everyone happy and comfortable.

If you’d like to upgrade your ceiling fans due to outdated styling, we can help with that. Want to install a ceiling fan in a room without a switch? This is more complex than you might think. Have an existing ceiling fan, but want to add a light kit to it? Service Today is the team to call.

Our Ceiling Fan Services:

  • Ceiling Fan Installation
  • Ceiling Fan Repair
  • Ceiling Fan Upgrade
  • Ceiling Fan Replacement
  • Light Kit Installation
  • Remote & Speed Control Installation
  • Expert advice on all things ceiling fans!

Service Today is the local choice for ceiling fan care. Call us today for residential installation and repair services at (651) 393-6830 or (612) 284-8623.

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