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Water Pipe Repair & Installation in St. Paul and Minneapolis

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Your home’s plumbing system consists of a complex network of fixtures, drains, sewer lines, and pipes. Though rarely seen or thought about (until something goes wrong, that is), the pipes are one of the most important elements of this system, as they are responsible for bringing fresh, clean water to your home and removing waste and water away from your home. Occasionally, your home’s water pipes may need repairs. When there’s been severe damage, they will need to be replaced altogether. Service Today! offers comprehensive water pipe repair and installation in St. Paul, Minneapolis, Bloomington, and all of the surrounding areas.

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Signs You Need Pipe Repair or Replacement

Because water pipes are typically hidden out of sight behind walls and under the ground, it’s not always easy to tell when they’ve suffered damage. Luckily, there are a few signs you can look out for that indicate it’s time for professional St. Paul pipe repairs or replacement. These signs include:
  • You have a burst pipe on your property
  • You’ve noticed signs of a leak, such as unexplained increases on your water bill
  • There is water damage on your ceiling, walls, or floors
  • The water coming from your taps is discolored or “murky”
  • Your water pressure has decreased significantly or fluctuates
  • There is visible rust or corrosion on exposed pipes
  • You live in an older home or building
  • Your pipes/drains are frequently clogged
  • Tree roots have invaded your underground water pipes
If you suspect there may be something wrong with your home’s pipes, reach out to Service Today! for fast, reliable, professional plumbing. We can come out for a full system inspection to determine the extent of the damage. From there, we will provide you with our honest recommendations regarding pipe repair or replacement.

Cost-Effective Solutions for Your Home

At Service Today!, we understand that addressing pipe problems can be a big undertaking. To make the process easier and more affordable for you, our St. Paul pipe repair team are proud to offer several financing options, as well as online coupons and special offers. We also always offer straightforward, upfront pricing and we never begin any work until you are informed of all your options.

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