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Ductless Mini-Split Services in St. Paul and Minneapolis

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Ductless mini-split systems offer a great alternative to central heating and cooling. Without the need for traditional ductwork, these systems are easy and fast to install, meaning you can start enjoying greater comfort today. They can even be added to existing central HVAC systems to boost heating and air conditioning power.

At Service Today!, we offer a full range of ductless mini-split services in St. Paul and the surrounding areas, including:

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What Are the Benefits of Ductless Mini-Split Systems?

Like traditional split-systems, ductless mini-splits utilize two main components: an indoor and an outdoor unit. Unlike traditional systems, however, the indoor component of a ductless mini-split system can be mounted directly inside your home.

Some of the benefits of ductless mini-splits include:

  • Ideal for areas that don’t have existing ductwork, such as garages and add-ons
  • Adds extra heating and cooling power in addition to central HVAC systems
  • Quieter operation than window and floor units (and some central systems!)
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Customizable comfort control with “home zoning”
  • Excellent energy efficiency, leading to reduced energy costs
  • Convenient features like remote control
  • Ability to heat or cool one room/area of your home individually

Ductless mini-splits offer powerful, convenient, and flexible heating and cooling for specific rooms, garages, new renovations, and entire homes. Our St. Paul ductless mini-split technicians can help you determine the best, most cost-effective solution for your particular home.

Ask about Our Financing Options

We understand that investing in new HVAC equipment can stretch your budget. To make it easier for you, we offer a number of financing options, as well as various online coupons and promotions. We always provide honest, clear, and upfront pricing so you know exactly what to expect before we begin any work.

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