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Electrical panels are the heart of any electrical system. Generally speaking, there are two types of panels: those with circuit breakers and those with fuses. Each has their own pros and cons, but both require service from a licensed, fully trained electrician. Never attempt to install or repair an electrical panel yourself, as this could result in a serious threat to your home and your personal safety. Instead, when you need electrical panel services in St. Paul, Bloomington, or the surrounding areas, call Service Today!

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Electrical Panel Upgrades

A surprising number of homes don’t have proper electrical panels. If your home is older or if you use a significant amount of electrical appliances and devices every day, your panel may be struggling to keep up with the electrical demands of your family. This isn’t just an annoyance; it can also pose serious hazards, including an increased risk of electrical shock and/or fires. Some signs that you may need to upgrade your home’s electrical panel include:
  • You keep having wiring issues, such as flickering lights or sparking outlets
  • You’ve added a large electrical appliance, such as a hot tub or refrigerator, to your home
  • You are planning on renovating or adding on to your home
  • Your home’s electrical panel still uses fuses/a fuse box
  • You find that you always have to use power strips and/or extension cords
All of these can point to potential issues with your electrical panel, including an overloaded panel. It’s important that you schedule professional electrical panel upgrades in St. Paul at the first sign of trouble, as waiting to request service could put you and your home at risk.

Should You Replace Your Fuse Box?

While there is nothing necessarily wrong with fuse boxes, they are outdated and, in most cases, not able to keep up with modern electricity demands. For fuse boxes installed prior to 1970 (which is typically the case when a fuse box is present), the lack of amperage can be dangerous. While older fuse boxes typically have only enough capacity to handle up to 60 amps, modern circuit breaker panels are usually able to handle from 150 to 200 amps. Upgrading your fuse box to a modern circuit breaker panel can make your life much more convenient and protect you from the fire risks that come with old fuses or incorrect fuses. Service Today! can assist you with fuse box replacement and new circuit breaker installation in St. Paul, Minneapolis, and throughout the Twin Cities area. Our electrical panel experts can answer your questions and provide you with the information you need to make the right solution for your home.

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