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St. Paul and Minneapolis Air Conditioning Services

Helping Twin Cities-Area Homes Stay Cool

When Minnesota’s frigid winter has subsided and our brief spring has zipped by, you need two things to survive: bug spray and a reliable air conditioning system. We can help you with the latter! At Service Today!, we offer a full range of air conditioning services in St. Paul, Minneapolis, and throughout the Twin Cities area.

Our Minneapolis and St Paul Air Conditioning Services Include:

  • Air conditioning
  • Air conditioning rejuvenation
  • Air conditioning replacement
  • Add refrigerant
  • Whole house air conditioning control system
  • Static pressure reduction package
  • Air conditioning safety inspection
  • Energy consumption audit

We’re the ones to call for any air conditioning need during a hot and humid Minnesota summer. Contact us at (888) 998-2032 today to schedule AC services in St. Paul!

Available for After-Hours & Weekend AC Repairs

Have you ever arrived home from a long day only to realize your home is as hot as an oven? When your air conditioner fails you, turn to Service Today! for fast, reliable, and cost-effective AC repairs in St. Paul and the surrounding areas. We’re not only fast and friendly but we also troubleshoot any air conditioning problem the right way. There are many problems that can arise with an air conditioning system, but they often share similar symptoms. A misdiagnosis means time and money down the proverbial drain, but our accurate diagnoses and timely repairs protect your time and money. Plus, we’re available when you need us most, whether it’s after normal business hours or on the weekend. We’re even available for same-day service!

The Most Important Part of Home Cooling

Many people think that the key factor in proper home cooling is the type of air conditioning equipment. And, while this does play a role, it’s not the most important thing when it comes to keeping your home comfortable and cool—it’s the design and installation. This is the one fact that no two air conditioning contractors will ever argue over. It doesn’t matter what type of equipment you use if that equipment isn’t part of a well-designed and installed system. With Service Today!, you get the best of both: top-quality AC equipment installed according to factory specifications. We stand behind the quality of our work and aren’t happy unless you’re totally satisfied with our AC installation services.

Contact Us to Schedule Your St. Paul AC Service Today

Whether you need emergency repairs or you want to extend the life of your air conditioning system with routine seasonal maintenance, Service Today! has you covered. At our core, we are committed to delivering the finest indoor comfort services to our customers. We do right by our customers in every area—and it shows! Browse our reviews to see what your neighbors, friends, and fellow community members have to say about our St. Paul air conditioning services.

Ready to book your appointment for AC services in St. Paul? Call us at (888) 998-2032  contact us online to get started.

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