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Electric Meter & Mast Installation in St. Paul and Minneapolis

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You may not think much about how electricity enters your home, but if you get your electricity from overhead wires, you need a service mast (metal pole) with service-drop conductors to create a proper entry point. Underground wires must follow the National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) regulations for service-lateral conductors. While the service mast and weatherhead act as the utility’s point of entry, the meter measures your home’s electricity consumption. To put it simply, mast and meter carry and measure your home’s electricity. If you think your mast or meter is broken or flawed, contact Service Today! for electric meter and mast installation in St. Paul, Bloomington, and throughout the Twin Cities area.

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The Service Mast

After a local power plant generates electricity, it gets delivered to your home over high-voltage transmission wires. Wires can either run underground (with a service lateral) or above ground (with a service drop). The service mast (metal pole) and the weather head make up the connection point for electricity to enter the home. Your mast contains three wires—two insulated power wires carrying 120 volts and a third grounded neutral wire. Safety rules and regulations require that you have a proper utility entrance point that is clear of obstructions and properly connected to the service head. Overhead masts should be galvanized and be about 16–18 feet above ground at an attachment point on the building structure near the closest transformer. Each home is different, however, which means you will need a qualified electrician to inspect the home first before conducting any mast services.

The Electricity Meter

The electric meter measures your home’s electrical consumption. It can usually be found on an exterior wall of the house and connects to the service mast. Never tamper with your meter as it belongs to the local power utility company! Not only is it a crime but it’s also a huge safety issue. If you suspect a problem with your meter, call your local St. Paul electrician or utility company.

Our Mast & Meter Services

At Service Today!, we install, repair, and service the following:
  • Service drops
  • Service laterals
  • Wiring between transformers and mast/meter
  • Meter bases and panels
  • Galvanized conduits
  • Grounding connections
  • Attachment support brackets
  • Service grounds
  • Ground rods
  • Cables and conductors
Always hire a qualified electrician to install and repair your mast and meter in St. Paul or the surrounding areas. This is dangerous and complicated work requiring the skills of an expert electrician.

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