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Basic Air Conditioner Safety Inspection in St. Paul and Minneapolis

Ensuring the Safe Operation of Your AC in the Twin Cities Area

A properly installed and functioning air conditioning system is important, not only for your comfort but also for the safety of your family. At Service Today!, we offer comprehensive air conditioner safety inspections for homeowners in St. Paul, Minneapolis, and the entire Twin Cities area. During our basic AC safety inspection, we’ll check the following:
  • Was the air conditioner installed properly and according to the manufacturer’s instructions?
  • Does the air conditioner have a functioning drain or water evaporation unit?
  • Is water draining properly from the air conditioner unit?
  • Is the AC unit properly secured (if applicable) with correctly sized mounting components?
  • Are all air conditioner components in proper working order?
  • Are there any loose or malfunctioning components?
  • Are the electrical cables in good condition and working properly?
  • Are any of the electrical cables/wires frayed, damaged, or otherwise in need of repairs?
  • Do all electrical cables have an electrical ground?
  • Is the appropriate amperage being used to power the air conditioning system?
  • Is there any visible corrosion, rust, or other obvious damage?
  • Are all components free of debris?
  • Is there proper clearance of shrubbery/greenery around outside AC components?
  • Is the system free of any unusual noises, vibrations, and odors?
  • Are there any indications of a potential safety risk?
Once we have completed our AC safety inspection, we can provide you with recommendations for repairs and/or service if necessary. Your safety and the safety of your home and family are of the utmost importance to us. You can rest assured that we will thoroughly inspect your system for any signs of potential hazards and report them to you if applicable. Schedule a basic air conditioner safety inspection in St. Paul or the surrounding areas today; contact Service Today! online or by phone at (888) 998-2032 to get started.