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Inver Grove Heights HVAC Company

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) is something we don’t think a lot about as homeowners until something isn’t working, or we receive a utility bill in the middle of the winter! HVAC systems are key to the comfort of the home, and they also comprise a large portion of monthly expenses. Service Today Heating & Cooling is an Inver Grove Heights HVAC company who is here to make your home more comfortable while shaving costs off of those utility bills! Service Today also provides high quality air duct cleaning services to Inver Grove Heights.

An Inver Grove Heights HVAC Company Like No Other

Heating and air conditioning is a tough market for homeowners — it’s like taking your car to the mechanic. Sometimes you wonder if a technician can be trusted, and other times you learn the hard way. The good news is you can trust Service Today to put your interests and the comfort of your home first. We don’t just talk about 100% customer satisfaction, we’re an Inver Grove Heights HVAC company who provides quality furnace & air conditioning repair!

When a homeowner buys a system from us, we never do the minimum to pass code requirements. Some companies will even do less than — they won’t pull permits and they’ll just rip out the old furnace, slide in the new furnace, and it’s a done deal. That would be fine, if the furnace was the exact same one that was installed before, but it never is. Ever. Technology changes and at Service Today we are constantly retraining ourselves to ensure we’re up on the latest so our customers receive the finest service in town.

Air Conditioning Service

Once the icicles melt and the snow drifts disappear, Inver Grove Heights heads quickly towards warm summer days. Service Today is a full service air conditioning company providing repair, seasonal maintenance, equipment replacement and new installation services. We’re experts at giving our customers the ideal cooling solutions for their specific home along with comfort and budgetary goals.

Heating Systems

Sure, we have hot and humid summer days like any other state, but our winters do stand out! Frigid temperatures, cold winds, ice and snow all show up during a typical Inver Grove Heights winter season. Service Today provides gas furnaces, hybrid systems, geothermal heating and more to keep your home cozy warm. Plus, we service and repair any make and model of existing equipment — the right way. Minnesota heating done right.

Indoor Air Quality

During the winter you typically only open your house up to enter and exit. What happens during this time is a build up of airborne toxins. Volatile organic compounds, allergens, molds, bacterial and other health-affecting items get circulated throughout your home with no way out. We have the answer to poor indoor air, and it is in the form of indoor air quality equipment that refreshes, purifies and protects your air!

The Comfort Club

If you want your heating and cooling system to serve you for many years, you need to have maintenance performed. Imagine skipping oil changes on vehicle — you’d shorten the life of your engine drastically, and also experience poor fuel utilization. Our Comfort Club Membership not only includes heating and A/C tune-ups, but other perks like priority service and crazy discounts ongoing — join today