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Inver Grove Heights Heating

Staying warm and cozy during a Minnesota winter is a priority of any homeowner in Inver Grove Heights or the Twin Cities area! Our mission is to help you reach that goal with affordable, top-quality heating services. If you’ve ever experienced a furnace problem during the middle of a frigid winter night, you know how rapidly the temperature inside your home can drop! In no time you’re a living and breathing Jack London story.

Service Today Heating & Cooling offers the finest heating repair, maintenance, replacement and new installation services in Inver Grove Heights and surrounding areas. “Hold up!” you might be saying. The finest? Yes, we mean that. Our dedication to 100% customer satisfaction is second to none. We don’t want you to just be satisfied, we want you to be thrilled with the solutions we provide. And this affects everything we do.

Heating Maintenance in Inver Grove Heights

Service Today technicians are equipped to handle all heating maintenance in Inver Grove Heights. Service Today offers preventative maintenance plans, with our Comfort Club, to keep your furnace system strong when you need it most. This is especially important to address before the heating season when the system will be in heavy operation. For more information on heating maintenance concerns or schedule a check-up for the heating system in your home or business, contact Service Today today.

Heating Services Done Right

You’d be shocked at how many Inver Grove Heights homeowners spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars fixing work done wrong by an irresponsible heating company. We see it happen all the time. When you rely on Service Today, you tap into a wealth of industry knowledge. We don’t short cut, and we don’t do work halfheartedly. Repair, maintenance and installation done by our technicians exceeds industry standards. We rest well at night knowing our customers have been served right.

24×7 Service 365 Days A Year

A struggling furnace is not going to pick a pleasant fall day to act up. Typically it will be at 2AM on a January morning! Not only are we available when you need us the most, but we don’t charge extra for after hours work. Whether you call us at 3PM or 3AM the charge is the same! So don’t wait…call (888) 998-2032 for the quality of service you’ve been looking for.

Seasonal Maintenance

There’s an epidemic affecting heating systems across Minnesota. It’s causing them to start breaking down years before they should. Any guesses? The epidemic is a lack of maintenance. No joke – heating systems that should last 20 years are croaking at 14 years. Do the math on that and it makes a system a whole lot more expensive. Our Comfort Club membership provides affordable maintenance to protect your investment!

Furnace Repair

Have you ever had it happen to you? You’re hanging out with friends hoping the Vikings smash an opposing team, when someone comments that it’s a little chilly inside. “Not a problem” you think while sauntering over to the thermostat. However, the temperature is set correctly. A quick check of a vent and you realize only cold air is coming out! We’re here to help with fast service & quality furnace repair!

Hybrid Heating Systems

If you live in an area without natural gas, a hybrid heating system can save you money on those winter utility bills. How does it work? Instead of an air conditioner you have a heat pump, which cools just like your A/C in the summer. But in mild winter temps it can also heat, and a heat pump is more efficient than a propane furnace in milder weather. When the temps drop, the furnace takes over!