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Furnace Company Inver Grove Heights

Nothing beats the cold of a frigid Minnesota winter quite like a gas furnace! Modern furnaces are more efficient than ever before, and boast additional features like variable speed ECM fan motors that make them whisper quiet in operation. No more turning up the TV when the heating kicks on!

Service Today Heating & Cooling is a trusted furnace company in Inver Grove Heights that offers top-quality heating installation services.

Furnace Installation in Inver Grove Heights

Quality equipment is important, and we provide that. However, the most important part of your home comfort system is the design, sizing and installation. We’ve saved countless customers a lot of money by doing an in-home estimate first, and recommending the right equipment for their specific situation.

Additionally, replacing an existing furnace isn’t as simple as swapping the old for the new. Factory specifications on new furnaces are always different. If manufacturer installation requirements are not met, the new furnace will not be as reliable or efficient as it could be.

A Heating Company You Can Trust

When you rely on Service Today for your new furnace installation, you can rest assured that the work is done right. Not only are we experienced, but we do right by our customers.

Our dedication to complete customer satisfaction isn’t just a slogan printed on our business cards. It’s a way of life that affects every aspect of our company. With Service Today you receive the right advice, the right equipment and an industry leading installation that will keep your home comfortable for many years!

Call us today at (888) 998-2032. We’re ready to enhance the quality of your indoor comfort control!

Looking for an Furnace company that can handle all your needs?

You’ve came to the right webpage. Service Today Heating and Cooling in Inver Grove Heights provides service and installation for furnaces and air conditioners. They also have a heavy focus on air quality for you and your family. One of the many things that will separate out Service Today from other furnace company Inver Grove Heights companies is that they provide same day service. We understand that you have a busy family and when something goes wrong you want it looked at and fixed as soon as possible. We even work on weekends.

We pride ourselves on customer service.

We know that furnaces can last almost a quarter of a century, that is why we have our technicians work on every type of furnace and air conditioner and every brand. Our furnace company Inver Grove Heights technicians must receive at least 200 hours of hands on training per year. That way we can guarantee they will know how to fix any problem they run into on any type of furnace company Inver Grove Heights equipment.

The Best Time for Savings!

Looking to get a new furnace company Inver Grove Heights system put into your home, but you want to wait for the right season to find the best prices. We understand that a new air conditioner or furnace is a larger expense, and if you have the option to wait for a better time all the better. Since winter is our busy furnace season and summer is our busy air conditioner season that leaves spring and fall. Right before you turn your heating or cooling system on for the new season we will have the best prices and rebates on our big furnace company Inver Grove Heights products. This is also when the manufacturer gives out the best deals for their products.

How do I know it’s time for an upgrade?

Well it’s not as easy as saying “Every specific number of years” anymore. Furnace company Inver Grove Heights systems vary in life, they also vary based on how well they’ve been maintained since they’ve been put in. Do you get a tune up annually? Did you buy top of the line or did you buy just enough when you last purchased?

New Home Owner?

Are you new to Inver Grove Heights or don’t even know what a furnace does? Or are you buying an older house and just need a check up on your furnace company Inver Grove Heights system? Give us a call when you buy your new home and we will do a tune up on your system and give you some information that you probably didn’t know about your furnace company Inver Grove Heights system. Sometimes it’s just the little things, like getting your furnace tune up each year that can help you save money in the long run.