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Heating Company in Minnesota

Every home is different, as are the budgetary and efficiency goals of each family. This means heating systems must be designed around these varying requirements. Service Today is an expert at custom designing the right solution for the specific needs of our customers heating for their home. We have the knowledge and experience to do the job right, and this means your investment is protected. That’s why Service Today is the heating company to call!

Furnace Repair

Something our customers simply love about us is our honesty. When someone calls us asking for a new furnace, which we’re all to happy to sell and install, we sometimes advise against it. Why? Because we visit their home, and discover that the heating problem isn’t the heat pump or heater at all. Sometimes it’s a dirty indoor coil or air filter, or a small repair is needed, and that’s a much less expensive option! When you call us for furnace repair, you can rest assured that we place your interests ahead of our own. We give you the right advice for your specific home and comfort goals.

Furnace Installation

Whether you’re building a new home and need a heating system installed, the installation of a new furnace can be a costly proposition. A home’s heating and air conditioning system is the costliest mechanical system or appliance within the home. Some diligent research and working with an experienced contractor, like Service Today, can help you get the most value on a new system.

Furnace Replacement

When the weather starts cooling down you may wonder whether you should repair or replace your furnace. Without a visual inspection, we can’t tell you for sure. However, here are two general rules:

  • If your furnace is 10 years old or more, it probably needs to be replaced. Modern furnaces are significantly more efficient than their outdated counterparts, and energy prices remain high.
  • If your repairs are beginning to add up, do the math. Take a look at the repair invoices for the last few years, combined with the new repair estimate provided by your HVAC contractor. If the total amounts to about 50 percent of the replacement cost, a replacement will be the most cost effective move in the long run.

Furnace Tune-Ups to Save You Money

It doesn’t matter if your system is brand new, or has a few years on it. One thing remains the same, and that’s the need for seasonal furnace tune-ups. If your HVAC system is dirty, it has to work harder to keep your home comfortable. Working harder means higher utility bills and shortened system life. Let us help protect your investment with our seasonal maintenance program SHAPE Membership!