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Furnace Replacement in St. Paul, MN

Furnace Replacement in St. Paul, MN

If your home needs a furnace replacement, then Service Today is the company qualified to do the job. We can make sure that you know what your options are, and that you receive a system where the heating output matches the size of your home so that the system functions just as it should.  We offer the best furnace replacement in St. Paul to help you supply your home with heat through the winter. When it’s time to replace your heater – call the Comfort Squad!

We Install & Service Furnaces in St. Paul, MN

At Service Today, we offer a number of exceptional heating services in St. Paul, including furnace repair, installation and replacement. Whether you need to have a new furnace installed in your home, or you need your old heating system replaced with a new, correctly sized model, we can assist you. Our trained and experienced St. Paul HVAC technicians can also take care of any furnace repair or maintenance needs that you might have.

Let us take care of your furnace needs. We employ a team of professionals who are adept at taking care of your system, no matter what make or model it is. We can take care of just about anything, and we use only high quality equipment and tools so that you can be confident in what we do and how we do it. In fact, we guarantee that you’ll be satisfied, and we’ll make it right if you’re not pleased.

Furnace Replacement in St. Paul, MN
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Time For a New Furnace? - St. Paul

Time For a New Furnace?

It’s a big money commitment to get a furnace replacement St. Paul product, but did you know that buying a new furnace can save you money? If you are trying to get a couple more years out of your 13 – 15 year old furnace you may want to consider buying a furnace replacement St. Paul product now. You will end up saving much more in that amount of time on the cost of your utility bill. Not to mention you know the furnaces they sell now have evolved so much in the last 20 years, it would be like using a 20 year old TV instead of your flatscreen.  The pint being, that HVAC systems these days are so much more energy efficient that they were even ten years ago.  We encourage you to call our office and set up a 100% free estimate to check out your options.

What Is the Right Company for Replacement? - St. Paul

What Is the Right Company for Replacement?

Choosing a company to install your furnace replacement St. Paul is a tough choice. There are so many  furnace replacement St. Paul companies servicing the area.  But which ones are dependable and will be around when you’re looking for warranty work? It’s a sad truth these days, where one man shops open and close as often as the sun rises. Did you know the average HVAC company only lasts 8 years?  When you are looking for your warranty to be useful years down the road, will the company you purchased the equipment from even exist? Will they be able to honor the warranty you purchased? That’s why it’s important to get your furnace replacement St. Paul products from a company like Service Today who puts the customer first, who has been around for many years, and who is a company that continues to grow year after year.  Even if you just want to try us out for a seasonal tune up, we can respect that.  Call us today at (651) 356-6154

The Best Furnace Replacement Installs - St. Paul

The Best Furnace Replacement Installs

The next important thing to think of when getting your furnace replaced finding the right company, a company that will do the best install. Be weary of the HVAC companies trying to do as many furnace installs as they can in the short season.  A rushed technician is not going to do a good quality job, you need someone who’s paying attention to the details.  Did you know that 65% of HVAC systems are installed incorrectly.  This is the most common cause of unit breakdowns and costly repairs.  Make sure you are going with a trustworthy company who has an eye for details when doing your furnace replacement St. Paul projects.

Service Today’s Industry Leading Technicians - St. Paul

Service Today’s Industry Leading Technicians

Service Today technicians are the industry’s best! They are all N.A.T.E. certified, possess all the EPA certifications, and have the necessary education that goes along with them. They also have a total of 200 hours of hands on training annually. Service Today want all of their technicians to know how to fix every type of furnace that is in any St. Paul home confidently. From furnace filters, to indoor air quality products, to new install, and even if systems that are decades old, we have the product knowledge to ensure you get the highest level of service and satisfaction money can buy.  Call Service Today Heating & Cooling for the best furnace replacement St. Paul company in Minnesota.

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Furnace Replacement in St. Paul, MN

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