Why Is My Furnace Making That Noise?

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With winter raging on as hard as ever, people around the country are using their heating systems every day. If you happen to have a furnace, you may occasionally hear your system make some noise when it fires up. However, certain sounds coming from your furnace may be a cause for concern. If you have ever asked yourself “why is my furnace making that noise?”, keep reading for the information you need. And remember, Service Today! is always available for quality furnace repairs, replacements, and maintenance.

5 Common Furnace Noises & What They Mean

  1. Banging: Typically, that banging sound coming from your furnace indicates a delay in ignition as your system is starting up. This happens sometimes when the burner struggles to reach a hot enough temperature to complete the combustion process with your fuel source (which is probably oil or gas, if you are having this problem.) This in turn will cause fuel to build up inside the system, resulting in that banging sound you are hearing. Excess fuel in your system can be a big problem, and should be dealt with right away. There is also a chance that if the banging coming from your system coincides with it cycling on and off, the noise you are hearing is actually your ducts expanding and contracting. Consider calling for air duct cleaning if this is the source of your problem.
  2. Screeching: Sometimes, your furnace belts and/or bearings may let out a screeching or squealing sound if they are in need of lubrication. This process can be fairly complicated, so you should always call a heating  technician for assistance. An experienced tech will be able to efficiently remove the gunk and grime in your system and ensure you do not need to replace any parts. In some cases, if the belt/bearings have become too worn down, you may need to replace these components entirely.
  3. Rattling: Rattling or rumbling in your furnace can mean a range of things. Oftentimes, a rattling sound indicates that some part has come loose and is still being kicked around in your system. You could also be dealing with loose debris or ductwork. You may have to replace a particular component, such as the fan blade. Or, in the most dire scenario of all, your entire motor may be malfunctioning. Bottom line: rattling is something you never want to hear coming from your furnace, so you should always call a technician to troubleshoot this issue ASAP.
  4. Clicking: That frustrating clicking coming from your furnace is usually the sound of the ignition or heat exchanger trying to ignite the flame. It’s essentially the same noise you hear coming from a gas stove, when you turn on the burner and wait for it to ignite for a few seconds. It is not uncommon to first hear a kind of clicking coming from your furnace at the beginning of winter, after your system has laid dormant for a few months. However, if this clicking sound continues throughout the winter season, you will definitely want to call a technician to have your unit tuned up. There may be faulty nuts, bolts, or other fixtures in your system, and as we mentioned above, loose parts can cause a lot of issues if not taken care of.
  5. Vibrating: Is there a persistent vibrating or whistling coming from your system? If so, your furnace’s air intake may be clogged. As air moves through the obstructed intake opening, it will make that sound you are hearing. It is also possible to hear vibrating coming from your vents, in which case your ductwork may be loose, and causing air to leak out. Call a technician today to find out if air is escaping from your heating system or if your furnace’s air intake needs to be cleaned.

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