What Type of Toilet Should I Buy?

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A lot of homeowners assume all toilets are basically the same. Yet modern toilets come in various styles, sizes, and colors. Ever been to a foreign country? Perhaps you’ve used a toilet with a built-in bidet. The truth is that with the available features and models available to customers today, it pays to do your research when it comes time to upgrade your toilet. Keep reading to learn the types of toilets you need to know about, and make sure to contact the experienced plumbers at Service Today! for all your toilet repair and installation needs.

The 5 Main Types of Toilets

1. The Two-Piece Toilet: Two-piece toilets are the most common for the average bathroom. They have the standard design of a separate water tank and bowl, which combine to create one toilet. Two-piece toilets have larger tanks and can store a lot of water, though dirt also tends to gather in the seams of the pieces faster. These toilets are also extremely durable, and can last for decades as long as they are well-maintained. And because the pieces are separate, it’s easier to physically transport and install a two-piece toilet upstairs or anywhere else in your house. Two-Piece Toilet 2. The One-Piece Toilet: With two-piece toilets, thebowl and tank are connected. They look often look similar to one-piece toilets, except there is no seam, as the tank and bowl are part of the same, larger piece of porcelain. Available in modern styles and designs, these units tend to be easier to clean, although they are often more expensive, and can be difficult to install. One-Piece Toilet 3. The Wall-Mounted Toilet: Wall-mounted toilets essentially look like elevated toilet bowls. This is because the bowl does not touch the ground, and is attached directly to the wall. Although you will not be able to see the tank for this kind of toilet, that doesn’t mean there isn’t one. Some mounted toilets are tankless, but oftentimes, the tank on a mounted toilet is just located in the wall. Aesthetically appealing, easy to clean, and efficient in terms of size, there are many benefits to wall-mounted toilets. These units can be difficult to install, however (they pretty much require the assistance of a professional plumber,) and are often fairly expensive. Wall-Mounted Toilet 4. The High-Tank Toilet: High-tank toilets are also two-piece units that use a gravity flow system (i.e. you press a handle to lift the flush lever, letting water flow into the bowl to flush the waste out.) The difference between these devices and standard two-piece toilets? The tank is hung on the wall, rather than on top of the tank. These toilets have a more retro feel, and can be difficult to find, so if you want one you may have to pay a pretty penny for it. High Tank Toilet 5. The Integrated Base Toilet: Integrated base toilets are smooth on the bottom, and do not have any groves or edges, giving them a sleek look. These units are available in the one-piece or two-piece design, and tend to be extremely easy to clean, given their lack of seams. That said, this type of equipment is more expensive than the average two-piece or one-piece toilet. Integrated Base Toilets

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