Should I Replace My Air Conditioner & Furnace Together?

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Knowing when to replace your heating or cooling system is an important part of being a homeowner. Waiting to upgrade to a newer, more energy-efficient model not only helps keep you stay comfortable, but can actually save you money on heating & air conditioning operating costs in the long run. However, what many homeowners wonder is, “should I replace my air conditioner and furnace together?” There is no simple answer to this question, but keep reading to get the expert advice of our skilled heating & air conditioning technicians at Service Today!

When You Should Replace Your AC & Furnace at the Same Time

After our years of experience in the heating & air conditioning industry, Service Today! knows firsthand that installing a new air conditioner or furnace is a major investment. You’ll definitely want to be sure before making this commitment, especially if you are thinking about upgrading multiple pieces of equipment at once. As a rule of thumb, it is usually a good idea to replace your furnace and AC unit after roughly ten years of use. While you may be able to get a few more years out of these appliances, if one is close to the ten-year mark, and you are replacing the other one anyway, you might as well improve your equipment performance and cut to the chase by just making the switch now. With furnaces in particular, it makes more sense to try and get at least nine years out of your system, unless you are planning on switching to a completely different heating method, like a heat pump. It’s also a good idea to replace your heater and air conditioner at the same time if you are getting what’s known as a matched system. While your furnace and AC don’t share many components, they will usually share the same blower. Because of this, upgrading to a more energy-efficient AC unit (this usually means anything rated 16 SEER or higher) while still using the same furnace will cause the blower to be less effective for both systems, since they won’t match. By upgrading to heating and air conditioning systems where the energy-efficiency matches, you will be able to strengthen your heating and cooling power and spend less on your utility bills overall. Other than that, the main time it’s a good idea to upgrade your heating and cooling systems all at once is if your financial situation is about to change. This could mean you’re about to retire or leave your job, and you want to make big purchases while you still have consistent income rolling in. This could also mean you just got a big promotion or you’ve finally got the money to move to a bigger house, and are ready to make those home improvement upgrades you’ve been putting off.

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