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Whole House Humidifier Apple Valley

Why Should I Get A Whole House Humidifier?

Basic science tells us that the colder the air is, the less moisture it can hold. It’s why a glass of iced tea has water condensation on it. As room air hits the ice-cold glass, moisture is released. So as we all know, a Minnesota winter is brutally cold. With these low temps comes very dry air. Dry air is not only tough on the skin and body, but it feels colder. This is why we’re an Apple Valley humidifier installation company. Keeping moisture in the air in your home means you’re going to be more comfortable, and spend less on utility bills. Instead of having portable plug in humidifiers throughout your home this winter, think about getting a whole house humidifier!

De-Humidification In The Summer

De-humidifiers aren’t only for homes with mold, but de-humidifiers can also help prevent mold or even just moisture in the air. In the same way that dry winter air is void of moisture, our Minnesota summers can pack in the humidity! Balancing the humidity in the summer with a dehumidifier will help your home feel cooler and less money. And again, this means you ultimately spend less on utility bills. So who do you call in Apple Valley for a whole house humidifier solution? The answer is Service Today! Our solutions are built on top-quality equipment, and our work is backed 100%.

Whole House Air Filtration

In addition to whole house humidifier solutions for Apple Valley customers, we also provide other indoor air quality products such as air cleaners that can filter out large amounts of pollution in your indoor air. “Pollution?” You might be thinking. Yes, you’d be surprised to know what is floating around your home. In addition to allergens, dander, mold spores, viruses and bacteria, there are also volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released from cleaning products, air fresheners, detergents, paints, carpet and more! A Lennox air purifier goes a long way in purifying the air your family breathes each day. Call us to learn more!