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Air Purifier Apple Valley

My Home Stinks!

You don’t hate your home, but it does have an interesting scent. Or maybe it’s one of those smells you are used to because you live there but your guests tell you your house has a certain smell. Getting an Air purifier Apple Valley system set up can help fix that problem. The smell is probably something you can’t fix with air fresheners like bacteria, animal dander, mold or dust mites. One way to help eliminate the smell is using a UV light. Service Today can install a UV lamp that will purify the air before it blows back into your home.

Volatile Organic Compounds

Also known as VOCs, volatile organic compounds can actually be toxic. The toxic version of VOCs comes from many things such as household cleaners, air fresheners (Febreze included), candles, carpets, beds manufactured since 2007…and the list goes on. VOCs are not good for the health of your family. You can check those facts out at So what is one to do? A great place to start is a whole house air cleaner. These replace the normal furnace filter, and can not only capture VOCs, but bacteria, mold, smoke, danger, allergens and other pollutants. The Lennox air purifier sets itself apart by not releasing any ozone like other competing filters from Trane, Carrier and more.

Air Purifier in Apple Valley Home

So whether you are trying to nuke mold or remove VOCs, whole house air cleaners and UV lamps can perform the miracles you need. A UV lamp works with your air cleaner to not only kill air borne mold and bacteria, but a UV lamp can destroy surface mold found on the indoor coil. During the summer when your air conditioning is running, moisture condensates on the indoor coil. The dark, moist environment this creates is a perfect place for mold to grow. If mold grows, the efficiency of your air conditioning system will be affected, as will the quality of your indoor air. So don’t wait! For a quality Apple Valley air purifier solution, call Service Today today.