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HVAC Company in Lakeville, MN

HVAC Company Stereotypes

It’s hard not to have a picture in your head of who’s going to show up at your door when you call an HVAC Lakeville technician to come out. We know you are seeing a guy who is trying to get you to buy extra service or parts to they can make an extra buck. That’s not Service Today, and that’s not Service Today’s HVAC Lakeville technicians. They go above and beyond to try to prove that stereotype wrong. HVAC technicians are top of the line great at what they do. Not just the technician skilled work either, they are great at communicating with the homeowner. We know how frustrating it can be not knowing what’s going on, when you look at a furnace or AC you can’t always “see” what’s wrong with it so having trust in an HVAC company in Lakeville that works on heating & cooling equipment is essential. Our technicians arrive on time and they treat you like they’d treat their family members. They want you to know that they are there for you and not to rip you off. This is Service Today’s motto and this is how we’ve been in business for so long, and how we plan to keep our HVAC company in Lakeville alive. Service Today also provides duct cleaning to keep your heating and cooling system running efficiently.

Thinking About A New HVAC Unit

Are you in the beginning stages of getting a new furnace or AC in your Lakeville home, well call up Service Today for a free estimate. We will give you an accurate and readable estimate. We know that some other HVAC Lakeville companies give you a confusing illegible piece of paper that leaves you feeling more stressed than when you started, thats not us. We come out and visit your home, take a look at your unit and discuss what is needed for your family. Once we’ve educated you and you make the final decision (that’s right we don’t make decisions for you). We can schedule our certified HVAC Lakeville technician to do the install within the next day or two if not the same day. If money is an issue we have many financing options as well.

Your HVAC Investment

Did you know there is so much new technology in a HVAC Lakeville system today? You probably have a furnace in your home that is about 20 years old. Like everything else with time brings better technology. There are now furnaces designed to be able to have different rooms in your home different temperatures. There is specific filters to filter out allergies or pet dander. They have AC’s that can be turned on from your smartphone. All of these things and more. Some of the most impressive is that these things lead to smaller utility bills each month as well, so when you are looking to get a new HVAC Lakeville unit don’t think of it like a big household expense, think of it like a good investment that will save you money and be more functionable for your family.