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Air Conditioner Lakeville, MN

Air Conditioner Lakeville, MN

The Importance of a Working AC

If people understood the importance of maintaining their unit, then there would be far more air conditioner tune ups, and far less air conditioner repairs and installations as a whole.  But most air conditioner Lakeville certified companies would rather you not know this, because what happens if more breakdowns and installations occur, well these companies make more money.  It is a sad fact, but it is the truth  Most of our industry is comprised of greedy owners, stuffing their pockets with your hard earned money.  But our company is different.  We want to do right by you.  And that is precisely why we are provide you with this information.  We do not want you to hire an air conditioner company in Lakeville , MN out of confusion or frustration.  Service Today is arming you to make informed decisions in the future.  And hopefully, with all that information at your fingertips, you will decide to call us, because you see that we offer the most value.

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Air Conditioner Lakeville, MN

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Service Today’s Repair Philosophy - Lakeville

Service Today’s Repair Philosophy

Our approach is a simple one, catch it early and the cost is very minimal.  This holds true time and time again.  Most parts that comprise your air conditioner are interconnected, and if one part goes, then another part is very likely to go as well.  So, if you have a broken air conditioner right now, and are looking for the right company to come and fix your unit for you, we strongly encourage you to try us.  Not only will we get your air conditioner going the same day you call us, but after we have fixed your unit, we will also implement strategies to ensure you air conditioner won’t break down in the near future.  Our highly educated and experienced air conditioner Lakeville certified technicians take a proactive approach to your air cooling unit, because we understand people’s wants.  People want a reliable unit.  And if their unit does break down, they want a company that will make sure it doesn’t break down again.  We are that company!

Maintaining Your AC Unit Yearly - Lakeville

Maintaining Your AC Unit Yearly

Again, by reiterating a proactive approach to your cooling system, we are emphasizing the importance of preventative maintenance, and in turn, we hope that this kind of approach will help eliminate unnecessary breakdowns and extremely costly repairs.  We cannot begin to tell you how many Lakeville homes could have prevented an air conditioner breakdown by simply doing their yearly tune ups.  Most air conditioner Lakeville companies do not want you to know this.  But it is the honest truth.  The majority of repairs we make are preventable.  So hey, why not prevent them, right?

And since most repairs are preventable, everyone of our customers gets a chance to sign up for our preventative maintenance plan.  This plan not only ensures that both your heating and cooling unit is tuned up every single year, but it also gives you the ability to be treated as a priority customer, getting guaranteed appointments in 24 hours or less, and not only that, but you are also entitled to fantastic discounts on repair work, duct cleanings, and all indoor air quality products.  We strongly encourage you to sign up for this membership.  With all the energy savings you will receive, it will pay for itself!  Call one of our friendly representatives today.

What is a Good AC Brand to Install? - Lakeville

What is a Good AC Brand to Install?

We are a firm believer that brand doesn’t really matter.  And our installations are proof o that.  We have put in a wide range of brands and makes and models, and every one of them has worked just as the manufacturer intended in to.  That’s because our installations are the best in Minnesota.  We don’t just boast that nonchalantly wither.  We really do believe this wholeheartedly.  And why is this?  Its because we take our time and do all the little intricate adjustments and modifications to your entire cooling system, modifications that are extremely important.  So, if you have a good installation, then the air conditioner you just purchased will work just fine.

So what really matters then, besides of course a good install?  Its simple.  Ask youself, what your Lakeville home needs, what you and your family need, and what your budget will allow you to purchase.  Once we have a firm understanding of these three components, we can encourage you to shop for a few various brands and products, but aigna, in the end, brand really doesn’t matter.  You can ask other air conditioner Lakeville companies, and they may tell you differently, but again, we are all about transparency and honesty here, so that is why we are providing you with the answers you deserve.

But… if we were forced to tell you want brand we really like to stand behind, it would be Lennox.  And the reasons are simple.  They just don’t break down all that often.  As an HVAC company, we have to warranty units, so we like a unit that is very reliable, and when you purchase a Lennox, thats exactly what you are buying, reliability.

Coolant Changes and Regulations - Lakeville

Coolant Changes and Regulations

You have probably heard about all the news laws and regulations certing on coolant and refrigerant for residential homes, and although some of the information you are reading may be accurate, a lot of it is not.  That’s why we are taking the time to explain in detail what you really need to know about the refrigerant guidelines that are dictating the kinds of cool and production by manufacturer.  If you are unaware of the kind of refrigerant you have, call us and we would be glad to assist in your question.

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