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HVAC Edina

Why HVAC Companies Are Not Trusted

Most people hire an HVAC Edina company to come out when there’s a problem. And most people feel like any normal HVAC Edina technician is going to try to give you a run for your money since you don’t know a think about what they are working on or what a fixed furnace looks like. Well Service Today hears your worries and tries to fix this issues with each visit. Our technicians are trustworthy, they won’t try to oversell you or tell you something that isn’t true. That is something they get from being passionate about their jobs. We make sure to only hire HVAC Edina technicians that want to be there and love what they do. We also make sure each of the technicians we hire have the customer service skills that can’t be trained. Things like the ability to talk to our customers in people language, not tech language. They will walk you through any problems and explain to you what needs to be fixed instead of just telling you. This attitude puts our customers in a better place. They trust our HVAC Edina technicians to do whats right.

New HVAC Owners

As a New Homeowner you are probably new to HVAC ownership. Even if you’ve had a place before this HVAC Edina system will be different. Service Today recommends you always call us up as soon as you get settled in to check out your new system. We can tell you things like where the filter goes, what filter to use, what potential dangers we see and give it a good cleaning. It’s a great way to get a fresh start at your new home. Clean air blowing through the vents of your new Edina home is a great feeling.

Service You Can Count on Time After Time

When you buy a warranty for your technology products such as your tv or cell phone it’s normally a bigger hassle than it’s worth. Having to send the product in the mail to have someone in a different state look at it to see if it was you or the system that caused the break. Then they fix it if they have the parts and if they don’t you end up paying more to get an upgrade. It’s always such a hassle, well Service Today’s HVAC Edina warranty system isn’t a hassle at all. We stand behind all the work that our technicians do and if you have any issues in the future just give us a call and we’ll have a technician out there in a jiffy. Whether it’s Saturday or Tuesday our HVAC Edina technicians make it out almost always the same day. We have the leading warranties in the industry. We also carry products from Lennox who has their own warranties and Good Housekeeping warranties. So as you can easily see there are a number of companies who back up Service Today HVAC Edina services and their parts. Service Today provides duct cleaning in Edina. Keep your HVAC system energy efficient by getting your duct work checked.