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Duct Cleaning in Edina

Do I Need a Ductwork Cleaning? Yes! Your HVAC system and family need it. Your HVAC system needs the ducts to be clean so that it can operate efficiently. If you or your family have any types of allergies, or if anyone experiences any breathing problems such as asthma, a duct cleaning is extremely beneficial. Even if you have pets in the home, the amount of debris that can build up inside the ductwork is incredible. Did you know that one person sheds 30,000 skin cells seach day? If you have a four person family, that equate to over 30 pounds of skin cells each year. Not to mention all the dust, animal hair, food particles, trash, and other things that can get trapped inside your ductwork.

But even setting aside all the health benefits of a duct cleaning in Edina, it’s also important for your overall heating and cooling system. Our ductwork cleaning Edina technicians do a great of illustrating the importance of a cleaning in relation to your overall system performance. The more debris in your system, the more stress your system experiences. It only takes 4/10ths of an inch of debris to lower your unit efficiency 21 percent. And with all the stuff flying around in your home’s air, that number is very easy to achieve.

If you use those cheap five dollar filters you can purchase at any home improvement store, they will do very little to prevent debris from entering your system. That’s why a duct cleaning is that much more important. You will prolong the life of your system and breath better. Knowing all the benefits, there is no reason not to get it done. Our experienced duct cleaning Edina certified technicians will ensure they are providing you with only the best cleaning you can purchase. We guarantee it! Call us today and get a free estimate.