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HVAC Eden Prairie

Heating & Air Conditioning Maintenance Membership

If you aren’t a member already you should be considering getting a SHAPE Membership for your HVAC Eden Prairie system. It’s a great offer for only $12.99 a month to have the peace of mind knowing your whole setup is going to be well taken care, and there’s no run around for you. Having to call to set up appointments and having to re explain your system to a stranger and take time out of the day for him to come out is a hassle. Eliminate air conditioning & furnace repairs by joining Service Today’s membership program. We throw in a free annual tune up on each of your HVAC Eden Prairie furnace and AC’s. By getting a tune up you are checking for dangerous and potentially costly issues your furnace or air conditioner could have in the future before they happen. Service Today also provides duct cleaning which is a great way to keep your heating & cooling system running efficiently. Keeping your ductwork clean also can improve your indoor air quality!

Choosing the “Right” Company

HVAC Eden Prairie companies are easy to find but hard to keep, so many of them are a pop up shop that will be in and out in a few years. It’s not a trustworthy business. And since HVAC is one of the leading degrees at a tech college there will be more and more technicians to come by. It’s your job to find the right ones that you can count on. One great place to look is Angie’s list. Just search HVAC Eden Prairie. You will see Service Today at the top with great reviews. Service Today is a company that really backs up their products and services, They’ve been around forever because they do it right. THe customers love them, and the HVAC Eden Prairie technicians are great at what they do. Not to mention Service Today has industry leading warranties on their products and services, this gives you the peace of mind each time you work with them that you are getting a great deal or they will pay any repairs in the future.

Why does all the Eden Prairie homeowners love Service Today so much? Well it’s as simple as treating each customer how you want to be treated. As a customer you don’t always know what to expect from a HVAC Eden Prairie technician who comes in your home. If we were in your shoes we’d want someone who was on time and respectful of our home. We’d also want someone who was educated enough to know about the system but had good enough people skills to be able to talk to us without all the techy language so we could understand it too. We know that not knowing about your HVAC Eden Prairie system can be tough, especially when you don’t trust the people working on it. So Service Today does everything they can to make each visit the best they can for the customer. We’ve thrived to make all the things that we would want as customers a reality for our customers.

First Time HVAC System Owner

Owning your first home can be overwhelming. Don’t let your furnace get the best of you, make sure to have a certified HVAC Eden Prairie technician come over and check out your system right after you move in. They can do a tune up and let you know the estimated lifespan of your furnace and AC. That way there won’t be any surprises when it comes. They can give you good recommendations on how often and which filters to use on your furnace. This is stuff that most people take for granted when they live in a home forever, but new homeowners need to know these things. It could be a matter of a few bucks each month on your utility bill or it could be something detrimental to the lifespan of the unit. Call Service Today today to have a certified HVAC Eden Prairie technician visit and give you the walk through and education every homeowner should have.