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Furnace Eden Prairie

Oh No Emergency Work

Most companies will tell you they can come out to your Eden Prairie home day or night just a call away, but the furnace Eden Prairie technicians also charge you extra fees for coming to your home after a certain time of day or on the weekends. You will never see those charges on an Service Today bill. Like most appliances you can’t control when they break down so why would you have to pay extra for certain times of the day for a furnace Eden Prairie technician to come out. Service Today’s main goal has always been about customer service and by charging you just one labor cost all day any day we are keeping our goal on the customers satisfaction not he bottom line.

Watching the Bottom Line

When you are buying a new furnace the bottom line tends to be the most important factor for some, but Service Today encourages you to not let that be the deciding factor, if that’s the only thing you are looking at your are probably getting ripped off.. the lower the bottom line goes the lower the quality of installation goes. To have a brand new furnace Eden Prairie system and then have it installed wrong is like a speaker system for your car but they aren’t put in right so you can’ only hear them a little. Some companies think they can give you a quote upfront that doesn’t include ductwork modification. Service Today includes ductwork modification with every quote. When it comes to your furnace and the heat for your home you don’t want something cheap, it will only give you more headaches and cause problems down the road.

A Job Well Done- Or Is It? You Tell Us

Like any other service industry job you have to be working for the customers satisfaction if you want to stay around. That’s why Service Today has a 100% satisfaction guarantee when it comes to our furnace Eden Prairie technicians. If you aren’t completely satisfied with their work and service you let us know and we will give you your money back.

Schedule your Annual Tune Up

Have you made time this year yet to have a certified furnace Eden Prairie technician take a look at your furnace. The tune up covers a 33 point inspection from cleaning the unit inside and out, checking for leaking gas and broken wires. Looking for potentially dangerous problems. Checking the unit for efficiency and making sure it’s working how it’s supposed to.