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HVAC Burnsville

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Most people know we work on their furnaces and their air conditioners but what they forget about is the V in HVAC Burnsville. We excel in making sure your whole HVAC Burnsville system is running efficiently and safely, that includes the ventilation. When you install a new furnace or AC the ventilation system is what connects the warm or cold air to each of the room. These air tunnels can’t just be placed in your home they need to be set up in a particular way to be the most effective. Whenever you get a new furnace or AC air duct modification is the most important aspect of the install. You should have a professional be able to explain the modification process before they even install the unit. If there isn’t modification with your HVAC Burnsville system during an install then your new unit is probably not working as efficiently as it could be. Causing a furnace or AC to work inefficiently is making them work harder, which is not only the leading cause of breaking but also a huge factor in the life of the furnace. Call Service Today today to schedule any HVAC Burnsville service, from an install to a furnace repair, AC repair or anything in between, we can even come and do a simple maintenance check to make sure your system is set up and working properly. We also provide air duct cleaning in Burnsville, MN. Cleaning your ducts keeps your heating & cooling system running efficiently.

Service Today is Always There

Why choose Service Today? It’s simple, we are here for our customers always. If you call on a weekend or a weeknight you will get an answer. We know it’s out of your control when your HVAC Burnsville system wants to break down. That’s why we won’t charge you any more for a 2pm call or a 2am call. Our customer service is the most important thing to us. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our service work. It’s just something that tells our customers that we backup our products and our technicians so you don’t have to worry if something silly goes wrong we will be there to fix it asap. Service Today also has workmanship warranties, that is why if you always have an Service Today HVAC Burnsville technician working on your systems and something goes wrong in the future that Service Today has already worked on our fix they will come out and fix it at no cost to you.