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What Does Comfort Really Mean?

Comfort isn’t just a word we throw around lightly over here at Service Today Heating & Cooling. We use this word to define the way we interact with our customers on a daily basis. This word dictates how we relate to our clients, it dictates how we service your equipment, and it dictates how we price our services. But how can the word comfort mean so much to a business? The answer is simple.

Our Burnsville air conditioning technicians want you to feel comfortable when you are interacting with our team. We achieve this by delivering the best customer service we possible can deliver. We also do this by hiring employees that are simply great with people. These two things provide our customers with the kind of comfort level they need to chat for hours and hours about their day, about their family, about their hobby, etc. We know that when we leave your home, you are going to leave one friend richer, and that’s because we make sure you are comfortable with all of our employees.

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Preventing AC Breaks Downs

The majority of homeowners have developed the belief that their cooling units do not need to be maintained. The whole ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it’ type of mentality is something our company has been trying to overcome since we opened our doors fifteen years ago. The primary objective in trying to overcome this kind of thinking isn’t to drive more business (not that we wouldn’t welcome it, of course), but its truly to educate Burnsville, MN homeowners that this kind of thinking is just plain wrong!

But why do so many people firmly believe this to be the truth? This is a good question, and at Service Today!, we have found that the answer rests in the fact that, many times, cooling units will continue to work, even if they have not had the proper preventative maintenance performed. This is precisely where people are making a false connection.

Over 80% of breakdowns can be prevented with tune ups! Air conditioning tune ups can lower your energy bills 25% or more. AC maintenance can extend the life of your unit and ensure your family’s safety. Our company doesn’t just throw these numbers out to drive business. These are precise findings. We express these findings to motivate you to perform your annual tune up. At the end of the day, it is only to your benefit. And the good news is that our friendly staff, and skilled Burnsville AC maintenance technicians will ensure you are taken care of. We promise you this.

The Service Today! Difference

Every one of our Burnsville air conditioning staff members wants you to feel comfortable with the work we performed. We deliver this by being exceptionally skilled in the HVAC industry. By knowing every single possible product from the inside out, by being able to repair, maintain, or install any make or model product on the market. We want you to feel comfortable and confident in our work, because if we ensure this, we know you are never going to call another cooling company for your home in the future. That is our goal. We want you as a customer for life, and to do that, we make sure you are comfortable with the work we perform every single time.

We also want you to feel comfortable with our pricing. We understand that virtually no one person budgets for air condition repairs or replacements, and so if something does happen to your air conditioner, we know that we are giving you some of the most competitive pricing in the industry. This means you save more money for other things that you and your family need.

Why Choose Our Team of Burnsville AC Installation & Repair Experts?

We could tell you that our prices are based on the most competitive pricing structure in the industry nationwide. We could tell you that our technicians collectively receive over 1000 hours of continued education each year, to ensure they are on top of their proverbial ‘game’. We could tell you that the service we perform, the installs we execute, and the maintenance we perform on a daily basis is as comprehensive and meticulous as it can get. But all of those things would take away from what we really care about. And that fact is simple…

Our customer service is the best in Minnesota! We know this, because our Burnsville customers tell us so, every single day. We know this, because of the amount of reviews we have on Angie’s List. We know this, because of all the awards we have won. This is the one thing we are proud of, the one thing we really want to tell people.

When you need honest, reliable & 24 hour AC repair in Burnsville, MN call Service Today. Our trucks are stocked with quality replacement parts so we can get your air conditioner fixed and cooling again.