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HVAC Service Brooklyn Park, MN

Homeowner 101

As a new homeowner you will want to get your HVAC Brooklyn Park system checked out from top to bottom right when you move in. This will give you some good information on your furnace and AC like an estimate of when it will need to be replaced again, and what kind of condition its under. This will also be a great time for our Service Today HVAC Brooklyn Park technicians to give you a walk through and show you things like how to change the furnace filter and where your gas shut off line is. It’s great to know how your systems run it will give you more pride in your home. Even if you aren’t a “new” home owner and just want an update on all the basic HVAC Brooklyn Park information give Service Today a call today, we’d be happy to help. Service Today also provides air duct & dryer vent cleaning.

HVAC Tune Ups

Have you had an annual tune up for your HVAC Brooklyn Park system this year? We know it’s something that slips your mind but it’s very important for the safety of your home and your family. Did you know that an HVAC Brooklyn Park system could be leaking dangerous gas into the air, or could be overheating and working too hard? This is not only bad for the HVAC Brooklyn Park system itself but it’s dangerous for your family to live in a home with a furnace or AC that isn’t working efficiently. Getting an annual tune up is a great way to prevent this danger because a certified HVAC Brooklyn Park technician can come to your home and look for signs of potential dangers. Something as small as you not changing the furnace filter often enough can be a huge sign that the furnace is overheating. These little things are something that only a certified specialist would be able to catch, that’s why it’s important to have a professional like the HVAC Brooklyn Park technicians Service Today has on staff.

Join the Club

We know you hate calling and scheduling tune ups for your HVAC Brooklyn Park systems. We also know you hate the bill when it comes to a tune up where you can’t even tell what the technicians did. That is why Service Today created the SHAPE Membership. It’s a simple $12.99 a year to be apart of this awesome HVAC Brooklyn Park maintenance plan like no other. As a member you get your two annual tune ups, discounts on installs, repairs, and parts, and you also get a priority service. Priority service means when you call we will be there within 24 hours or less or we pay you $100. That’s an awesome deal if you ever run into an emergency situation and have a freezing cold house full of people on Christmas morning.