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Every customer that calls our company experiences a kind of customer service that has been long forgotten. Nowadays, businesses function on a time-table. Our culture has somehow go it in their heads that faster is better. And yes, maybe with some things this is true, but in the air conditioning industry, we like to slow things down. This starts by just getting to know our customers.

You are kind enough to invite us into your homes, sometimes even serving us coffee or iced tea, and on the rare occasion, cooking us breakfast or lunch, and it’s these types of kind gestures that we want to honor. And we honor them by giving back to customers what they truly deserve out of a heating a cooling company. And what they deserve, what you deserve, what your Brooklyn Park home deserves, is time and attention, quality and professionalism, all wrapped up in a fair price. We recognize this, and we do everything in our power to deliver as well. Our Comfort Squad, consisting of only the most skilled & certified Brooklyn Park air conditioning technicians, will ensure you are getting everything you deserve out of a heating a cooling company. It’s these old time values that our company centers itself around.

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24/7 Emergency AC Repairs Available

Who do you call when it’s hot, and you need AC repair in Brooklyn Park, MN? Call Service Today! We offer same day, 24 hour services. Our air conditioning repair technicians and staff members understand what if feels like to go without cool air, especially when the whether is unbearably hot and humid outside. You can’t sleep, you are tired all the time, you are sticky, sweaty, and are irritable. All because your silly little air conditioning unit broke down. We get it.

When you do call us, we will be out to your home the very same day. Even if that means we are working until 11:59 PM. Our AC repair technicians are dedicated to the cause. We love what we do, and we love the face our customers make when they are finally feeling the cool air blowing from their vents one again. It makes the long hours worth it. If you need emergency AC repair in Brooklyn Park, MN, call Service Today! – and we’ll be right there!

What Company Makes the Best AC?

There are many different brands on the market. You have probably heard of at least a few. Trane, Goodman, Lennox. And these companies are hoping that their marketing dollars have been spent effectively enough to retain you as a customer. They are hoping on name recognition. But at Service Today!, we take a different approach, one that most HVAC companies do not take.

Every company is partnered with at least one manufacturer. They do this to get lower prices on equipment and to earn money towards advertizing. So, knowing this every company is going to say that the brand they sell is the best brand out there. Ask around. Test this theory. We know it to be true. You’re going to get a lot of different answer if you rely on HVAC companies for the answer.

And even though Service Today! is one of those companies, we hope that because we have shed light on this dilemma, you will take what we have to say to heart. Most companies would never in a million years tell this to consumers for the reason I just described above, but our Brooklyn Park AC installation pros are different. Because here is the simple truth folks. Are you ready?…. Brand does not matter!

Why Schedule Regular AC Maintenance?

Service Today Heating & Cooling has been in business for fifteen years, and throughout that time, we have been baffled by the things we have heard some Brooklyn Park homeowners say to justify not performing an annual tune up on their air conditioner unit. Here are some examples of common excuses, and why they are just plain wrong

Reasons Why Consumers Neglect Maintenance:

  • “I have a new unit”. People like to think that having a brand new, or even a relatively brand new unit gets them off the hook concerning their tuneup obligations, but this is totally wrong. Did you know that your unit has warranties associated with it? But without doing the proper proactive maintenance, those warranties are invalid! It’s the truth. We have had to experience a few horror stories where people encountered factory malfunctions with their relatively new unit, but because they did not do their tune ups, the manufacturer would not cover the repairs. And let’s be real folks, if you have a brand new unit, don’t you want it to be taken care of? You take care of your car, even when it’s decades old. The same should be said for your air conditioner unit. The more frequent your have tune ups performed on the system, the longer that system is going to last. Our Brooklyn Park AC maintenance technicians will perform a tune up that will be documented, ensuring you warranties will last as long advertised
  • “I just had that done”. If we can be honest with ourselves for a second, we can peel back the problems about this excuse in a heartbeat. Most people, when they say this phrase, really aren’t being truthful in the slightest. The “ I just had this done” usually means two years ago or more. But Brooklyn Park homeowners need to perform a tune up every year. If you don’t perform this annually, all of that money you did invest in that tune up a few years back is thrown out the window. If you aren’t performing a tune up every year religiously, please start. You are only doing yourself a favor. And don’t worry either, our Brooklyn Park AC tune-up technicians are the best at what they do!
  • “They don’t do anything”. Did you know that only 4/10ths of an inch of dust or debris that builds up on your unit reduces the unit’s efficiency by 21 percent or more? Its true! And did you know that each person sheds 30,000 skin cells a day? Did you know that 80% of dust is skin cells? What we are trying to get at is this. Tune ups do something. They do a lot actually. The list is quite long. Air conditioner tune ups protect your Brooklyn Park home from experiencing hazardous electrical and gas malfunctions, they protect your warranties, they ensure you system is running as efficiently as possible, the prevent costly breakdowns, they lower your energy bills, they help the environment, and they ensure you air quality is more breathable. Yes, you do need it done, and yes they are definitely a good investment. Remember, 9 times out of 10, they actually pay for themselves. Now, how about that fact, huh? Hiring Service Today’s air conditioner tune up Brooklyn Park technicians to perform your tune up will only benefit you. And with are extremely competitive pricing, you really cannot go wrong.

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