Where Should You Place Your Smart Thermostat?

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With technology advancing more and more every day, a lot of households are trading out their old analog thermostats for high-tech models. One of the biggest advantages of smart thermostats is the ability to change the temperature from your mobile device. However, it’s also helpful for those of us that don’t always feel like getting out of bed to change the temperature or airflow. But one question remains, where inside your house should you place a smart thermostat? The safest bet is to place it where your old thermostat was, but in some cases, this isn’t helpful.

Three Elements That Produce an Ideal Spot

When installing your smart thermostat, it’s very important to consider three different aspects: Ease of access, the type of wall it’s mounted on, and the type of internal climate it will experience. Let’s explore these different characteristics and the types of effects they have on a thermostat’s production.

1.Ease of Access

Even though it’s considered a smart thermostat for a reason, it’s still important to consider the ability to use your thermostat the old-fashioned way – adjusting the temperature manually. This means that your thermostat should be located in a place where you commonly walk by. In most cases, this is a family room wall or a hallway towards a master bedroom. While kitchens are used regularly, placing a smart thermostat near a kitchen should be avoided at all costs due to the inconsistencies in air temperature. Something else to consider is the ability for voice commands. If your thermostat is responsive to voice commands, then placing it in a location where you tend to lounge (couch or recliner) could be very advantageous.

2.Type of Wall

Most interior living room walls are usually safe bets because they’re centrally located and they’re insulated from exterior temperatures. In other words, this is where your new thermostat can get the most accurate read of your home’s temperature. One tip is to use a stud finder before initiating the mounting process. This can help confirm your placing your smart thermostat on a safe part of the wall.

3.Indoor Climate

The best way you can figure out whether you need to turn the air up or down is to see what the current temperature inside your house is registering on a thermostat. The most accurate way to find this is to place your thermostat in a location that isn’t tainted by any misleading variables. For instance, keeping your thermostat away from any large windows can help eliminate its temperature gauge from being deceived by intense direct sunlight. Another deluding variable can come in the form of a nearby air vent. If cool air is constantly being pushed right by your smart thermostat it could tell you that your house is much colder. This is why it’s important to find a spot where the indoor temperature is relatively consistent.

Solutions for a Cooler Tomorrow

Finding a sweet spot for a smart thermostat can be difficult. But keeping the previously stated aspects in mind can be very beneficial to the longevity and performance of your entire A/C system. If you still aren’t sure about where to install your thermostat be sure to reach out to our team for assistance. Our team of heating & air conditioning professionals will be happy to help you make sure your smart thermostat is mounted in the right spot!

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