Top Signs Your Toilet Needs to be Repaired

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The toilet is one of the single most important devices in any household. We all use the toilet every day, and without one that works properly, it’s impossible to have a fully functional home. That’s why when there’s a problem with your toilet, you naturally want to get it repaired ASAP. Keep reading to learn the top signs your toilet needs to be repaired, and for quality toilet repair, installation, and all your other plumbing needs, you can count on our professionals at Service Today!

The Top 5 Reasons to Call for Toilet Repairs

  1. Gurgling/Suction Noises: While your toilet is of course going to make noise every time you flush it, is important to listen for gurgling and suction noises coming from other bathroom fixtures after you flush the toilet. If these sounds are being emitted by your sink or shower, it is possible there is a blockage in your drain vents. These sounds are produced when sewer gasses can’t escape through the right vents, so they come up through other fixtures, thereby causing that strange gurgling or suction noise you are hearing. Drain blockages can be a serious problem for your toilet and plumbing system in general, so do not hesitate to call for help if you keep hearing these sounds in your bathroom.
  2. Frequent Clogs: Everyone has dealt with a toilet clog at some point before, and the average one can be gotten rid of by simply using a plunger. However, if your toilet starts clogging on a regular basis, as in once a week or more, you likely have a problem on your hands. If you cannot find the issue yourself by checking in the toilet tank, call a professional plumber to investigate. It is possible there is a blockage deep within your line, which may need to be broken up by a snake. While it is okay to try to take care of/find the source of light clogs on your own, remember that messing around too much with your toilet is likely to make things worse in the long-run, and may even result in a nasty back-up/overflow. So again, if your toilet keeps clogging and you can’t find the source, call a professional.
  3. Flushing Problems: If you have to do multiple flushes every time you use the toilet, or worse, flushing your toilet barely does anything at all, you’ve definitely got a problem. It is possible there is an issue with the flushing mechanism itself, so again, lift the tank lid and see if you can spot anything off with the float, valves, or handle. If you cannot identify what’s happening on your own, call a plumber to get to the bottom of it. Flushing problems are often linked to clogged water jets, low water pressure, and a range of other issues, so it is important not to ignore it if your toilet is having trouble flushing.
  4. Rust: If there is rust or corrosion on your toilet’s metal components, you will likely need to get these parts replaced. Even if you can get by with a corroded handle for awhile, enough wear and tear over time can eventually cause parts of your toilet to simply stop working and/or break off. Not to mention the fact that rust can spread, so it is better to replace individual components of your toilet now rather than having to replace the whole thing not too far down the line.
  5. Pooling Water/Leaks: Other than overflowing, a leak is probably the most severe symptom of a malfunctioning toilet. What’s more, leaks can cause other issues in the future, including mold, rust/corrosion, and other structural damage. Plus if you ignore a toilet leak for too long, it is possible to end up with toxic wastewater spilling out onto your floor—a problem that is both dangerous and expensive to take care of. If you have recently noticed that there’s always water pooling on the floor at the base of your toilet, chances are your unit has sprung a leak due to a broken seal. Fortunately, this can be taken care of fairly easily, though you should still address the problem immediately. If you are dealing with a leak due to a crack in the bowl or the tank, it is even more important to call a plumber ASAP, as you may need to replace the whole toilet.

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