How Often Should you REALLY Change Your Air Vent Filters

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Change Air Vent Filters  

Changing the air vent filters in your heating & air conditioning system is a critical step in maintaining clean, fresh air throughout your home. Without a clean air filter, your heating & air conditioning system can be prone to more breakdowns and could wind up costing you far more in repairs than simply replacing your air filters. But have you ever wondered just how often you are supposed to change your air vent filters? Read on to find out. 

How Often Should You Change Your Air Vent Filters?

Ideally, homeowners should change their air filters every few months. Neglecting to swap out your heating & air conditioning air vent filters with new, clean air filters could result in the following… 

Higher Energy Bills

When your air conditioning’s air filter becomes clogged or hasn’t been changed in a long while it puts added strain on your entire heating & air conditioning system. Your system has to work harder to effectively pull air through the filter which in turn uses more electricity. 

Allergies & Respiratory Health

Dust, allergens, even pet dander can get recycled into your home’s air if you don’t change your air vent filters regularly. This can contribute to increased allergies or respiratory illness for those in your family that are more sensitive to allergens. 

Heating & Air Conditioning Failure

If you wait too long to change the air filter it could eventually break due to the strain on the unit. This leads to expensive repairs or may result in having to buy an entirely new heating & air conditioning unit. 


Reasons For Changing Your Air Filter More Frequently 

  • Quality of Air Filter – As with anything, there are higher quality filters that require less maintenance and could be better for your household. Fiberglass air vent filters, while more affordable, don’t last as long, and may need to be replaced every month. Pleated air filters may cost a little more but they trap smaller particles of debris in the air and last up to three months. 
  • Pets – Households that have pets will need to change their air filters more frequently. The build-up of hair and dander can clog up filters which need to be changed in as little as two months, possibly sooner. 
  • Allergies – If you’re an allergy sufferer, even the tiniest amount of dander or dust in the air can trigger you. For homes that have small children or adults that are plagued by allergies, it is suggested you change your filters every 30-40 days. 
  • Usage – Some homes that are constantly running their heating & air conditioning system will likely have to change the filters more often. If you only run your heating and cooling system only on occasion, then you may be able to extend the life of your air vent filters and need to change them every 6-12 months. 

The best rule of thumb is to simply check your filter to see if it is caked in dust. Often, visually inspecting your air vent filters will be sufficient. Consider paying a little more to get a higher quality air filter before the winter and summer seasons begin. 

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