Foods You Should Never Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

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Are you planning on having people over this summer? If so, make sure to keep them away from the garbage disposal. Service Today! has repaired and replaced enough garbage disposals over time to know that too many people treat this device like a second trash can, when it fact your disposal is only meant to take care of light food scraps. That’s why at your next barbecue or cookout, remember, there are certain foods you should never put down your garbage disposal. Keep reading to learn more, and make sure to call one of our friendly plumbers at Service Today for all your garbage disposal needs.

7 Foods to Keep Out of Your Garbage Disposal at All Times

  1. Bones: Bones are just about the worst thing you can put down your garbage disposal. Not only can they get stuck in your drain lines, they are also likely to tear up your disposal’s blades, forcing you to replace the entire appliance.
  2. Peels & Seeds: When it comes to fruit, nothing but the flesh should be put in your garbage disposal. Peels can easily form blockages or become wrapped around the blades. Meanwhile, larger seeds/pits can break the blades and smaller ones tend to remain in your drain lines perpetually, rather than getting washed down.
  3. Eggshells: You might think that because eggshells break apart easily, it would not be a problem to put them in your garbage disposal. The problem is that like seeds, they are prone to getting stuck when chopped into tiny little pieces.
  4. Starches: Starches like bread and pasta have a tendency to expand when met with water. This makes them a prime candidate for getting stuck in your lines, thus forming a clog.
  5. Fibrous Foods: Fibrous and stringy food like celery and broccoli are bad for your garbage disposal because as soon as they get diced they start to cling to your garbage disposal’s blades.
  6. Coffee Grounds: The sedimentary nature of coffee grounds makes them a prime candidate for sticking to your garbage disposal and drain lines, much like eggshells or seeds. In addition to that, coffee grounds can easily become part of a clog in your disposal, especially when they are combined with…
  7. Grease & Oil: Any grease, fats, and oils should ALWAYS be thrown away, and NEVER poured down your garbage disposal. As soon as this type of material congeals, it can form a blockage in your drain line, preventing any other food from getting through and creating a nasty clog that is only likely to build in size.

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