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If you’ve got a plumbing issue in your home or business, call Service Today to get your problem resolved fast! Our team is fully licensed and insured in the Woodbury, MN area. We pride ourselves in our fast, reliable service. Whether you’ve got slab foundation plumbing problems or need to install a new sump pump, we offer you the best in plumbing solutions at affordable prices. We’ve taken care of all kinds of residential plumbing needs for the Woodbury and the surrounding areas for more than 15 years.

Whether you have an emergency or are planning a remodeling project, don’t hesitate to call the Woodbury plumbing team atService Today!

Quality Plumbing Installations

Service Today provide expert plumbing installation services to the Woodbury region. A lot of homeowners think that installing a shower or a toilet is relatively easy, and it can be, but a lot of things can go wrong. To avoid any unnecessary trouble and expense, call us to install your appliances and fixtures properly. Our team has been installing and maintaining pipes, drains and fixtures. Whether you’re looking to start a remodeling project or install energy efficient appliances, we can help.

Our Most Common Plumbing Installation Services Include:

  • Dishwasher installation
  • Drain pipes
  • Water heater replacement
  • Ice maker line installations
  • Toilet replacement
  • Remodeling projects
  • Appliance hookups
  • New sinks
  • Water filtration
  • Bathtub or shower installation
  • Sump pumps

Service Today are happy to offer you a wide range of installation and replacement services keeping in mind your budget and busy schedule. All installations or repairs with supplied parts are accompanied by a one-year warranty to customers.

Trusted Plumbing Maintenance

Serious plumbing problems, leaking gas piping, gas heater water leaks, broken pipes, and floods are obvious times to call Service Today at (888) 998-2032, but there are many other occasions where it makes sense to call us. If you need help replacing a bathtub drain or removing shower faucets, you have a leaking water heater drain valve, then you may also want to give us a call. Regular maintenance can solve a lot of potential problems. If you’re looking to fix slow drains, this solution may be for you: Moderately clogged drains can sometimes be fixed without the use of liquid plumbing products by using some household cooking staples. Try pouring a half-cup of baking soda down the clogged drain followed by a half-cup of vinegar. It’s all right if you see foam start to come back up the drain.

Expert Water Heater Replacement & Installation

Water heater replacement is a very important thing to consider if you are concerned about reducing your energy usage. Service Today has15 years of water heater replacement experience in the Woodbury area. Replacing your existing water heater can drastically save money and the amount of water your family uses. If you have a hot water heater that’s on the older side, you may benefit from replacing it. The newer models are much more energy efficient and cost effective.

Our Water Heater Installation Services Include:

  • Tank
  • Tankless
  • Water leak detection
  • And more

When it comes to hot water heaters, choosing the right one is very important. There are a variety of water heater options that our technicians can help you choose from. Our team are licensed, bonded and insured technicians can help make sure that your water heater installation is the best choice for you.

Water Heater Repair & Maintenance in Woodbury, MN

Service Today offers residential water heater repair and maintenance services. Our many years of professional experience and excellent service have given us the ability to quickly and accurately identify your plumbing needs. It is our mission to carry an abundance of parts and tools from many manufacturers to make sure we can fix your plumbing issue in one visit. We make sure our Woodbury water heater repair team is always up-to-date in the latest technologies and have access to the best equipment. We also use only quality parts in our repairs, so you can be sure that the work we do will hold up after years of continual use. A quick repair now can likely prevent a larger and more expensive one later.

Additionally, the easiest way to reduce your hot water costs is to insulate your water tank. By covering the tank with insulation, you can significantly reduce the amount of energy required to heat your hot water, and that will bring your bills down as well. Energy won’t be lost quite so quickly when the hot water isn’t being used and the system won’t be forced to work so hard to reheat it. If you maintain your water heater properly with regular appointments, you can expect your water heater to last at least 10-15 years.

Comprehensive Drain Services

Service Today offer a variety of residential sewer and drain services to the Woodbury, MN area. Our customers can be affected by clogged drains or sewers rather easily. Don’t fret – we have the solution. We provide water jetting services to help quickly and efficiently clear the blocked drain lines. This is an easy preventative maintenance solution that can save you time and money.

Our Drain & Sewer Services Include:

  • Drain line replacement
  • Sump pump installation and replacement
  • Pipe relining
  • Drain line repair
  • Grease traps
  • Drain cleaning
  • Video pipe inspection
  • Drain pipes

It’s only natural for clogs and leaks to occur. That’s why we offer water jetting and video inspection services that accurately solve your drainage problems. Water jetting can clear drains, pipes, and more. This is a simple, non-toxic process that can clear grease traps and drains. This is a great alternative to using chemicals or solvents.

Full-Service Water Softening Solutions

Both residential customers can benefit from water softeners. They reduce the harmful minerals that are present in some town’s tap water. However, if the water softener was not installed properly they could have an influx of salt in the water causing damage to plumbing or septic systems. Repairs can be simple or complicated, but no matter what needs to be fixed our technicians are fully trained in the latest techniques. However, if you maintain your system properly, it could reduce the need for larger repairs in the future. Regular maintenance appointments to change the filter or test the system can be very beneficial.

We Offer:

  • Maintenance
  • Installations
  • Repairs
  • Replacements

Importance of Water Softeners

Water softeners are essential to maintaining your residential plumbing systems. Hard water can damage your plumbing and septic systems and cause expensive and large problems. While water softeners can be expensive, it is worth it in the long run as hard water damage can be quite costly.

Our Water Softener Installation Services Include:

  • Automatic softener – a time will determine when water is softened and will do so at the same time each day
  • Demand initiated regeneration – softens water in response to the need for softened water (this is used when water requirements fluctuate day-to-day)

If you run in to a problem with your water softening system, replacing it can be the most cost effective course of action. Our fast, one-stop fixes mean you don’t have to worry about being without a water softener system for long. Our customer first service philosophy means we don’t leave the job until you’re happy. Your home’s comfort and cleanliness is our priority.

Types of Plumbing Repairs We Offer

Don’t let small leaks get out of control. Unfortunately, even a leak isn’t always obvious. Many leaks occur behind walls or beneath your floorboards. We offer camera lines and video inspection to prevent the need for repairs. We will repair, replace, clean or unclog your sewer, pipes, or more. Whether you have an emergency or are planning a remodeling project, don’t hesitate to call Service Today!

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