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Water Softener Services in White Bear Lake, MN

At Service Today, countless times we’ve seen the damage hard water can do. We help install, replace, maintain, and repair water conditioning systems for residential clients in the White Bear Lake, MN, area. A water softener can prevent calcium and other minerals from building up and damaging your drains, pipes, or septic system. One of the most popular water softener service companies near you, we provide one-stop service in the Twin Cities region. You can count on our trained technicians to get the job done right the first time while ensuring your home remains clean. We are 100% committed to your satisfaction and won’t leave until you are happy.

Water Softener System Installation

Licensed, bonded, and insured, Service Today provides high-quality installation to ensure your investment is worthwhile. Water softeners come at a price, but can save money in plumbing repairs over the long run. They contribute to improved water quality and comfort as well. Our team will discuss your options to help make important decisions. First, they’ll evaluate your needs. If you have a consistent need for softened water each day, an automatic water softener can be provided. But if your day-to-day requirements fluctuate, we can install a demand initiated regeneration system that will respond whenever you need it.

Water Softener Replacement in White Bear Lake, MN

Replacing a water softener is a complex job. Water softener replacement parts have sensitive electrical connections and there are computerized components as well. Attempting to replace a system yourself can therefore be dangerous. You also risk making expensive mistakes. Service Today knows how to hook up a water softener properly and gets the job done quickly. This ensures your plumbing is protected and there’s minimal exposure to hard water that can clog pipes and drains. We’ll perform a thorough inspection to determine whether replacement is the best option.

Water Softener System Maintenance

Familiar with all aspects of water softener maintenance, Service Today has helped countless residential water conditioning systems last. We’ll change filters, tighten water softener connectors, and more. Performing small tasks regularly can avoid significant repairs later. During a maintenance visit, our technician will fully inspect the system to assess its condition. They can complete a water softener injector cleaning or provide advice to you on how to do it. Common water softener repair parts are stocked onboard our trucks, so any issue found can be fixed on the spot—fast.

Water Softener Repair in White Bear Lake, MN

Few homeowners know how to repair a water softener or are equipped to do so properly. Customers throughout the Twin Cities region can trust Service Today to fix a water softener right the first time using the latest technologies and equipment. We include a one-year warranty on all workmanship and parts supplied, as with all our services. And we use only high quality parts. This enables your water softener to hold up for many more years, no matter how frequently it’s used. The sooner we complete a quick repair, the more likely you’ll avoid costly fixes and breakdowns later.

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