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Here at Service Today!, our experts are committed to keeping your family as comfortable as can be. When it comes to keeping your pool warm, no one does it better than our team of highly trained and qualified technicians. We offer various pool heating solutions, including gas pool heaters and pool heat pumps. Depending on your comfort and budgetary needs, our St. Paul pool heater pros will help you select the perfect pool heater for you.

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How Gas Pool Heaters Work

Gas pool heaters use energy and either natural gas or propane to heat a pool. The pool pump circulates water through a filter and then to the heater. Inside the heater, gas burns in the combustion chamber, which generates heat that is transferred to the water to heat the pool.

Benefits of Gas Pool Heaters

Having trouble deciding whether a gas pool heater is right for you?

Below, our St. Paul pool heater experts have outlined some of the key benefits of installing a gas pool heater:

  • They heat a pool faster than a heat pump
  • They offer consistent performance in all climates
  • They cost less to purchase
  • They can be controlled via a remote
  • They operate quietly
  • They can be easily installed into a plumbing gas line

If you are looking to heat your pool year-round, a gas pool heater might be the best choice for you. Pool heat pumps are largely ineffective once the temperature drops below around 50 degrees, so if cold temperatures are common in your area, a gas pool heater is the best option.

How Pool Heat Pumps Work

A pool heat pump functions very similarly to an air conditioner, but in reverse. A pool heat pump uses minimal electricity to extract heat from the outside air and transfer it to the pool to heat it. The heat extracted from the air is transferred to the heat pump unit, where it is introduced to a liquid refrigerant. When the heat and refrigerant are pushed through a compressor, the refrigerant becomes super heated before being sent through titanium tubing. The titanium tubing then heats the pool’s water.

Benefits of Pool Heat Pumps

If you aren’t sure whether a pool heat pump is right for your home, consider some of the advantages.

Below, our St. Paul pool heat pump experts have outlined some of the key benefits of installing a pool heat pump:

  • They are cheaper to operate than gas pool heaters
  • They are more energy-efficient than gas pool heaters
  • They require very few repairs
  • They are safe to operate
  • They are easy to install
  • They are great for mild climates

Heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners who are interested in a low-cost, energy-efficient heating solution. If you live in a milder climate and are interested in minimizing your energy consumption, a heat pump is right for you. While heat pumps are more expensive to install, gas pool heaters end up using a lot more energy, which makes them more expensive to operate in the long run.

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