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Packaged Heating and Air Conditioning

The most widely used heating and air conditioning system is called a split system, because part of the equipment is located outside the home, and the majority of the equipment is located inside the home. However, sometimes homes don’t have the space required for indoor equipment. In these scenarios, either a ductless or packaged system is the answer.

A packaged heating and air conditioning system combines all of the equipment into a single footprint installation that is either mounted on the roof, or on a cement slab in the yard. Packaged systems come as all electric, electric and gas and even hybrid heating units.

So might be wondering why anyone would use a split system if all of the equipment could be contained outside. Great question! Two primary reasons are that packaged systems do not last as long, and they are not as efficient. If you can do a split system, your comfort, efficiency and long-term reliability will be much better. If you need the space savings, then packaged units are a great option.

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