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Hot Water Heater Service in Oakdale, MN

Residential customers throughout the Twin Cities region rely on Service Today for all their water heater needs. It’s very important to have a functional water heater in your home or office. Without one, you’ll quickly realize all the daily necessities you depend on it for. Professional water heater installation, replacement, maintenance, and repair ensures there’s always hot water available for cooking, cleaning, and bathing. Service Today is licensed, bonded, and insured and has been servicing water heater systems since 2005. Our mission is to make sure you’re happy and to get the job done right the first time; we even include a one year warranty on parts and installation service.

Hot Water Heater Installation in Oakdale, MN

Choosing the right water heater for your home or place of business is an important decision. With new water heater installation, Service Today will determine the best sized unit for your property, which can impact reliability, efficiency, and longevity. Our team will walk you through all the options and help choose between traditional tank and more modern, high-efficiency tankless water heaters. We’ll go even further to assess your needs and install water softeners and/or water purification systems. Your comfort is our top priority so we make sure your water quality is ideal and that any issues are found and resolved with, for example, advanced water leak detection.

Water Heater Replacement in Oakdale, MN

Energy usage is a major factor in deciding whether to replace your existing water heater. Even though many property owners balk at the hot water heater replacement cost, high efficiency and the reduced need for repairs can often offset at least part of it. We’ll even help determine how much water you can save, as we’re a water heater replacement company most concerned about meeting your needs. Replacing a water heater is never an easy decision. But the technicians at Service Today will explain all your options and assist you every step of the way.

Water Heater Maintenance in Oakdale, MN

A water heater’s lifespan is finite. But there are things you can do for it to last longer; one is regular maintenance. Oakdale customers can rely on Service Today for helpful maintenance tasks such as as a water heater maintenance flush to rid the tank of sediment. We also have all the water heater repair parts needed to fix any minor issues found in one visit. Our team can also take measures to improve system efficiency. This includes insulating the water tank, which reduces the amount of energy needed to keep heating water. Without insulation, heat is constantly lost, forcing the water heater to reheat water over and over, wasting energy and straining vital components.

Water Heater Repair in Oakdale, MN

If you need electric water heater repair, we can fix a heating element or electrical connection. Gas water heaters can develop combustion issues and problems with dip tubes, air intakes, and ventilation. Water heater igniter replacement or other repairs may be needed to get things working again. At Service Today, we can fix any issue and get your system working again. Our expertise allows us to quickly determine the source of an issue. Having all the parts and tools we need means the underlying problem is quickly resolved. Water heater repairs are typically completed the same day, so your system will be fully up and running without any safety issues or need to cancel plans at the last minute.

To schedule water heater installation and repair in Oakdale, MN, or a maintenance call, contact Service Today at (888) 519-8550