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Hot Water Heater Service Company in Mounds View, MN

Hot water heaters are essential for the daily needs of Mounds View homes, businesses, and all types of kitchens. Being without one means living without modern amenities such as washing machines, showers, or even the ability to cook food. Since 2005, Service Today has been helping people with water heaters regardless of their needs.

We can help with water heater installation, replacement, maintenance, and repairs. Ensuring your water heater is functional, we can get the job right the first time. Exceptional service is guaranteed; a one-year warranty covers all installation work and the parts that we provide.

Hot Water Heater Installation

Our licensed installers are bonded and insured to guarantee you get the best in service. Our technicians will assist in selecting a model and size that suits your home or office. There are many options on the market and we’re committed to making sure new water heater installation is successful. 

We provide electric or gas water heater installation near you in Mounds, MN. You can request Rheem electric water heater installation, but if you’re willing to invest in a tankless water heater and reap its benefits, we can help there too. Service Today also specializes in water purification systems, water softeners, leak detection, and many other plumbing services.

Water Heater Replacement Company in Mounds View, MN

Service Today is the most trusted contractor for water heater repair and replacement in the Twin Cities region. Every job includes a complete cost estimate to account for your budget. Our goal is to help you see just how replacing your old water heater can cut down on water usage and help you save.

We install high-efficiency water heaters that didn’t exist a few years ago. When you need water heater replacement, think of it as an opportunity to invest in energy efficiency and a reliable modern system that will last for many years

Water Heater Maintenance in Mounds View, MN

Our water heater service professionals are quick to inspect your water heater and plumbing system and identify any issues that need to be addressed. Services such as a water heater maintenance flush can keep your system running and prevent major repairs and expenses. We recommend annual maintenance to ensure your unit stays in top shape.

Whether you need water heater igniter replacement or anything else, our technicians have the water heater repair parts needed to maintain your system. They get it right the first time and can complete the work in one visit. Having parts and tools from different manufacturers means we can address any problem we find and fix it quickly.

Hot Water Heater Repair Near You

Most homeowners dread the day they need water heater repairs. But Service Today makes the process as easy as possible. We’re available 24/7 so you can count on our technicians if you have no hot water or if the unit starts to smell or make a loud noise. Never ignore these warning signs as they could signal danger.

Oftentimes a water heater repair involves simple work for a technician. It can prevent something more expensive from going wrong. Few homeowners know how to fix a water heater properly. It can cause injuries and more damage, but Service Today’s team is fully experienced in all types of water heater repair service in Mounds View, MN.

To request an appointment or inquire about your water heater service cost, call Service Today at (888) 998-2032.