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Mini Split Cottage Grove

Mini Split Cottage Grove

What is a Mini-Split AC System?

A Mini-Split System is a kind of air conditioner system that does not utilize ductwork.  This is extremely beneficial for homeowners that find they have a boiler to heat their home, or radiant, heat, because their home does not have ductwork built into it.  You can equate this kind of system to a window AC in a sense.  You have probably seen hundreds of window AC units installed in Cottage Grove Homes all over the place. The only difference is that you don’t actually need it on in a window, and the unit itself is extremely quiet, and can cool a much larger area of your home. The Mini-Split system is comprised of two parts.  The ‘heads’ are the part of the system that is found inside the home, and it is the part that is blowing the cold air itself.  Multiple heads can actually hook up to an outdoor unit (the part of the system that releases the hot air and moisture from your home).  You can puts these heads in conviently located areas, out of the line of vision, so they do not look tacky.  This type of system is extremely popular over in Europe and Asia.  Of the some 250 companies you can choose that service your area, do you know what Mini Split Cottage Grove  company is right for you?

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Mini Split Cottage Grove

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How Much does A Mini-Split Cost? - Cottage Grove

How Much does A Mini-Split Cost?

The answer really depends on how big your home is.  The more ‘heads’ your Cottage Grove home needs, the higher the cost.  But on average, these kinds of systems cost about as much as a natural gas fired air conditioner. That being said, a natural gas fired air conditioner unit will range from $4,000 – $7,000, depending on the size and the number of bells and whistles that the unit has it it.  In either case, it is an investment that is large enough that we recommend really doing your research.  Find a company that you can trust, that has excellent installations, and find a Mini Split Cottage Grove installer that provide you with the fantastic customer service you and your family truly deserve.

What’s The Best Mini-Split Brand? - Cottage Grove

What’s The Best Mini-Split Brand?

Fujitsu, Lennox, Trane, Goodman, MItsubishi, LG, Samsung.  All of these brands make their own version of a Mini-Split system.  And the real truth is that most brands are just as good as the others.  Our company doesn’t prefer one brand over the other.  If you read online you, you will find list after list of ratings.  Or if you call around, one Mini Split Cottage Grove company will say one thing, and another company will say something entirely different. This can be extremely frustrating if you want to find out truthful information.

What you as a Cottage Grove homeowner should really be concerned with is the types of written guarantees and warranties are associated with your purchase.  We recommend choosing a brand that give you the best warranties and choosing a company that give you the best written guarantees and additional warranties as well.  Without these, if something were to happen to your unit, you would be out of luck.  Luck for you, Service Today Heating & Cooling provide the best guarantees and warranties in Minnesota!  Call us to find out more.  We are proud to serve all of Cottage Grove, providing excellent service, competitive prices, backed with honesty and integrity.

How Efficient Are Mini-Split Systems? - Cottage Grove

How Efficient Are Mini-Split Systems?

Mini-Split systems are extremely efficient.  For every 1 dollar of energy you purchase, your mini-spot system will product $3 dollars of cooling.  That means these units are 300% effect, whereas your standard gas air conditioning unit is anywhere from 80%-95% efficient, depending on the SEER rating associated with the model you purchase.  But what you need to remember is this.  If you do not hire a trained professional, a certified Mini Split Cottage Grove installer, you will not achieve these kinds of efficiency levels.  That is why its so important to hire the right company!

Service Today Heating & Cooling’s Mini-Split Installation - Cottage Grove

Service Today Heating & Cooling’s Mini-Split Installation

It is very important to hire an extremely trained and professionally conscious Mini Split Cottage Grove company to install your new mini-split system.  If you do not hire the correct company for the job, the install can be done improperly, which will lead to serious issues down the road.  The units efficiency will not be maximized, the unit itself has the potential to grow all kinds of bacteria and mold, and the unit can prematurely fail, leaving you without air conditioning, and leaving you with a replacement cost in the thousands and thousands of dollars.

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