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Mini Split Cottage Grove

What is a Mini-Split AC System?

A Mini-Split System is a kind of air conditioner system that does not utilize ductwork. This is extremely beneficial for homeowners that find they have a boiler to heat their home, or radiant, heat, because their home does not have ductwork built into it. You can equate this kind of system to a window AC in a sense. You have probably seen hundreds of window AC units installed in Cottage Grove Homes all over the place. The only difference is that you don’t actually need it on in a window, and the unit itself is extremely quiet, and can cool a much larger area of your home. The Mini-Split system is comprised of two parts. The ‘heads’ are the part of the system that is found inside the home, and it is the part that is blowing the cold air itself. Multiple heads can actually hook up to an outdoor unit (the part of the system that releases the hot air and moisture from your home). You can puts these heads in conviently located areas, out of the line of vision, so they do not look tacky. This type of system is extremely popular over in Europe and Asia. Of the some 250 companies you can choose that service your area, do you know what Mini Split Cottage Grove company is right for you?