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Water Softener Equipment in Lake Minnetonka, MN

At Service Today, we specialize in water softener system installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement. Commercial and residential customers in Lake Minnetonka, MN, and surrounding areas depend on us to protect their plumbing from hard water. The minerals in hard water can damage drains, plumbing, and septic systems leading to expensive repairs.

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Water Softener Installation Near Lake Minnetonka, MN

A water softener is an investment, but the cost of dealing with the effects of hard water can be even more expensive. Every home or office is different. Service Today can assess your needs and recommend a water softener based on how much water you use and by testing water quality and mineral content.

In addition to water softener loop installation, we can consider demand. Automatic water softeners run at the same time every day, while demand initiated regeneration systems kick in when you need softened water. Our team will help determine which is most beneficial and install your system quickly.

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Water Softener Replacement

We are up-to-date on the latest technologies, so can successfully replace your old water softener in Lake Minnetonka, MN. If your water softener is old and needs major repairs, the best option is usually to replace it with a newer model.

Our technicians are stocked with all the water softener replacement parts they need. We’re committed to ensuring your satisfaction with our work, and can replace equipment in one visit. All the while, our team is devoted to being prompt, courteous, and clean.

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Water Softener Maintenance in Lake Minnetonka, MN

Proper maintenance allows your water softener to run reliably and can prevent or reduce the likelihood of major repairs later. Simply changing the filter can be extremely beneficial. 

At Service Today, we’re skilled at performing all maintenance tasks. Our team will inspect water softener connectors, perform water softener injector cleaning, and provide water softener head replacement to keep your system running at peak capacity. When any work is required, we’ll start with a complete assessment and cost estimate.

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Water Softener Repair

Residential and commercial customers in Lake Minnetonka, MN, depend on Service Today to repair their water softeners right the first time. Wear, malfunctions, and improper installation leave your plumbing susceptible to the effects of harmful minerals. If the system wasn’t installed correctly, there could be too much salt in the water, which can cause significant damage.

No matter the extent and complexity of the repair, our technicians are trained and equipped to take it on. They’re up-to-date on the latest techniques. That means your water softener will be up and running in no time, protecting your water supply and plumbing and septic systems.

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