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Sewer, Drain, and Plumbing Services in Lake Minnetonka, MN

Every drop of water you use passes through your drains and into the sewer lines serving your residential property. Since 2005, Service Today has provided drainage and sewer line service in Lake Minnetonka, MN, to keep hard-working systems in top shape and address any issues that come up. We employ trained professionals who are licensed, bonded, and insured. Our plumbers are extremely reliable and get the job done right the first time. In a single visit, they can complete installation work and supply the parts you need, both of which are covered under our one-year warranty. In addition, satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Drain and Sewer Installation in Lake Minnetonka, MN

Installation of drain and sewer components can be quite complex. It requires the most experienced professionals who can make sure the work is done properly. Service Today can perform drain line repair, pipe relining, drain cleaning, video pipe inspection, and even grease trap and sump pump installation. Our mission is to keep your home functional, safe, and clean. In mapping out drains and sewer lines, we can minimize the inconvenience and the risk of further issues. This helps us carry on our top priority, which is to ensure the customer is happy with our service.

Drain and Sewer Maintenance in Lake Minnetonka, MN

We offer inspections and drain and sewer cleaning services to prevent your plumbing from malfunctioning. You might not think you need any work done, but using video inspection and other hi-tech methods, we can check for any problems that may be festering. Service Today always provides an accurate estimate before performing any work. By scheduling regular maintenance and performing some basic tasks on your own, you can limit the amount of service needed as well as repairs. Over time, this can save you a great deal of money.

Drain and Sewer Repair in Lake Minnetonka, MN

Our technicians are able to quickly determine what is wrong with your drainage system or sewer line. They travel in trucks stocked with all the parts and tools they need to fix common plumbing issues. Therefore, they can work quickly so property damage can be minimized and your plans don’t have to change. Service Today is equipped to deal with any issue, big or small. We also employ the latest techniques that avoid breaking up walls or digging up your lawn. This saves time and money while enabling our sewer and drain repair specialists to focus on the primary issue at hand.

Water Jetting Services in Lake Minnetonka, MN

Water jetting allows us to provide fast and effective drain and pipe cleaning for residential customers. Using high pressure streams of water, our teams can unclog drain lines and clean the inside of pipes. Better yet, no harmful or corrosive chemicals are used. Our water jetting equipment can clear any drain, pipe, well, septic line, sewer, or grease trap. There is minimal risk of damage and our water jetting services can even be scheduled as preventative maintenance. This is especially useful in restaurants and kitchens.

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