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New Technology = More HVAC Options Tailor to Your Needs

With all the new technology that has come out in the last decade or two, any heating and cooling company South St. Paul business, heck not just in South St. Paul alone, but the whole country, has had the unique opportunity to provide more than just repair work and installation work to their clients. And at Service Today Heating & Cooling, we were more than happy to provide our customer with the kinds of neat gadgets that HVAC systems can implement now. At Service Today Heating & Cooling, our heating and cooling company South St. Paul technicians now can implement into your home whole-home humidifiers and dehumidifiers, electronic air cleaners, ultraviolet air sanitizing light systems, advanced ductwork cleaning methods, and programmable thermostats that can be controlled using your mobile device. The list goes on. It is very exciting to know that we now have the ability to ensure your home is not only cooled and heated properly, but that it’s healthy for your family, and that is is as comfortable as you would want it, and as controllable as you can imagine.