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Committed to Customer Satisfaction

Heating and Air Conditioning Products


These hot water systems are used to power hydronic furnaces and radiant heating systems. We offer efficient, reliable boiler options to provide the foundation for your radiant based heat.

Indoor Air Quality

Many of our homes suffer from air quality issues, and we don’t even know it. VOCs, bacteria, molds, allergens, viruses and other pollutants become airborne and trapped inside. We have the cure.


If you have a living space, garage, shop or other area without ducting installed, a ductless heating and cooling system will be a life saver. Say goodbye to annoying, noisy window and floor units forever!

Packaged System

The heating and air conditioning system found in most Twin Cities home is called a split system, because equipment resides both indoor and outdoors. For homes with indoor space constraints, a packaged system can be used.

Air Handler

If a home is heated with a heating source besides a gas furnace, an air handler is used for summer cooling. Also called a fan coil, an air handler combines the fan motor from the furnace, and the indoor coil from the evaporator coil into a single unit.


The control you have over home comfort has changed dramatically in the past decade. With the release of new thermostats like the Honeywell Lyric, Nest, and Wi-Fi 9000 Voice Control, indoor comfort has never been easier.

Evaporator Coil

Many homeowners don’t know what an evaporator coil is, and we don’t blame them. The name is a little too techy in our opinion. This coil is where the air conditioner pumps the refrigerant. Warm air is forced through this coil in the summer, and heat energy is removed from the air by the chilled coil.

Heat Pump

A heat pump is an all electric product that works just like an air conditioner. So what’s the difference? A heat pump can actually heat your home in the winter too. Though not designed to heat in our cold climate, a heat pump combined with a gas furnace can provide very efficient “hybrid” heating.

Gas Furnace

The king of a cozy warm home during our frigid winter season! Natural gas furnaces are now quieter, and more efficient than ever before, with AFUE ratings in the high 90 percentile! Plus, the quiet fan motor makes for better cooling in the summer.

Air Conditioner

Air conditioners keep us all cool during a muggy Minnesota summer season. An air conditioner compresses refrigerant, and pumps the chilled refrigerant inside to the indoor coil where it is used to cool the air in your home.