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Heat Pump Eagan

Heat Pump Eagan

The Price of Natural Gas

I am sure you have probably heard one of your neighbors talk about the utilization of a heat pump in Eagan.  But what is a heat pump exactly? This is a very good question.  But first, let us discuss the reasons why people are looking into these secondary heating options in the first place.  The answer is quite simple.  Money!  Even though the Midwest has been pretty lucky in comparison to the national average for the cost of natural gas, this fuel source is still fairly expensive.  The bad news is that in 2013, there was an 18% increase in the cost of natural gas, and prices are not going down anytime soon.  In fact, they are projected to be a lot more in the coming years.  This increase in cost is driving consumer interest in heat pumps and other alternative heating sources to adequately heat their Eagan home in the winter months.

Heat Pump Eagan
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Pros and Cons Heat Pumps - Eagan

Pros and Cons Heat Pumps

Because of these prices, heat pump Eagan installations have been a hot, but there are some important facts you must know before purchasing a heat pump. Heat pumps can help homeowners save a lot on utilities, but they also have limitations. There are too many heat pump Eagan companies that won’t be upfront about these facts with you. First, they tend to be somewhat ineffective in any climate where the outdoor air temperature falls near or below freezing regularly, although inventors and manufacturers are trying very hard to improve upon this dilemma.  Also, the kind of heat distributed by heat pumps  isn’t as hot as the heat produced by a gas or oil-burning furnace. That is why heat pumps are extremely effective in the dead of winter in that all too frigid Minnesota Climate. This is because moving heat from an extremely chilly environment to that of a hotter one takes way more energy than moving heat between two areas with mild temperature differences.

That heat pump Eagan company you were going to call probably won’t tell you that some kind of supplemental energy may be needed to produce enough hot air to heat your home when the temperature falls below freezing.  A heat pump will also turn on and off less often than a gas furnace, and most systems have eliminated the blowing of cold air through the vents that used to occur when the system temporarily switched into reverse to defrost the coils.

Before Purchasing A Heating Pump - Eagan

Before Purchasing A Heating Pump

Just know that Service Today Heating & Cooling will always be honest with you with any type of purchase you are considering.  We are not afraid to tell you the truth, even if that means turning down business to do it.  There have been many times where our customers were interested in a heat pump, but after talking it through with one of our heat pump Eagan technicians, they realized that this option wasn’t for them.

It is a great idea to consider what kind of supplemental or backup heating may need to be outfit into your home when the heat pump can’t produce the amount of heat required to properly heat your home. This is called dual-fuel heating and cooling operations. Many Eagan homes utilize  electrical heating, but you might also use your natural gas furnace still.  Most homes have this installed already, and it might be a good idea to upgrade to a more energy efficiency gas furnace and couple that unit with a heat pump.

Whatever your decision is, you can always trust that Service Today Heating & Cooling will do right by you.  Other heat pump Eagan technicians cannot say this, and it’s a shame!  But we are different…That is our promise to you ,and every one of our customers, always.  We encourage you to call our office staff and schedule a technician to come out to your Eagan home and discuss your options.

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