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Goodman Air Conditioner St. Louis Park

Goodman Air Conditioner St. Louis Park

Is Goodman A Quality Air Conditioning Brand?

Service Today Heating & Cooling has had the opportunity to install, repair and maintain every single brand, make, and model air conditioner on the market.  This gives us a unique perspective.  You would think, that because we have had such extensive experience in the field, we would have the ability to give you a definitive answer regarding the quality and capability of any specific brand.  But here is the truth.  Most companies do not want you to know this, (that’s because they are trying to sell you a specific brand more times than not)… Brand really doesn’t matter.

So, to answer the question, Goodman is both a good brand and a bad one.  And the reason we say this is simple.  If your Goodman air conditioner St. Louis Park technician has installed the unit correctly, then it will work just fine, but if he or she doesn’t install the unit correctly, you will run into problems.   That’s why it’s so important to choose a company that knows what they are doing.  And by Hiring Service Today Heating & Cooling, you are going to get some of the best customer service you can possible purchase.  That’s because we know how to install units properly.  It’s simple math.  You get what you pay for in the heating and cooling industry.

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Goodman Air Conditioner St. Louis Park

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Benefits Of A Goodman Air Conditioner - St. Louis Park

Benefits Of A Goodman Air Conditioner

The one good thing about Goodman products is that they have a pretty good manufacturers warranty.  Most HVAC companies provide some kind of warranty with every product they purchase.  The same can be said with pretty much every piece of machinery or technology your purchase these days.  But the most common warranty you will likely see with most air conditioners is somewhere between a 3 and 5 year limited warranty.  But when you purchase a Goodman air conditioner, you will actually receive a 10 year limited warranty on their products.  

What is a Limited Warranty? - St. Louis Park

What is a Limited Warranty?

But limited warranties are just that.  They are limited. That’s why its so important to hire a company that will go above and beyond all manufacturer warranties and provide parts and labor warranties with their unit.  If a company won’t put these kinds of guarantees in writing, then they are probably not the right company to choose.

You can think about it this way.  If a company is willing to stand behind the product they put into your home, and they are willing to stand behind their installation, then they will have no problem providing you with a 5-10 year parts and labor warranty. That’s because they know your unit will not break down.  Goodman air conditioner St. Louis Park companies offer this, because they know they installed the unit correctly. Do not hire a company that doesn;t care about your St, Louis Park home.  You will regret it!

Service Today’s Installations - St. Louis Park

Service Today’s Installations

At Service Today Heating & Cooling, that is precisely what you are going to get.  You’re going to get time tested, competent, customer conscientious technicians, and you are going to get fair pricing, and a quality installation.  Whether it is a Goodman air conditioner, or some other kind of air conditioner, it doesn’t matter.  Service Today Heating & Cooling will make sure you get the highest possible quality install you can purchase. We Guarantee it!  If you have any specific question regarding Goodman products, or if you would like our comfort advisor to come out and give you a free estimate for you St. Louis Park home, give our office a call.  We would be happy to oblige.

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Goodman Air Conditioner St. Louis Park

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