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Geothermal Maplewood

Geothermal Maplewood

Harnessing Geothermal Energy

Geothermal heating and cooling systems take advantage of the solar energy that is conveniently stored just below the surface of the ground.  Did you know that 40 – 60% of the Sun’s energy is directly absorbed into the ground, making the Earth a giant solar panel?  Our company utilizes this energy and delivers it into your home.  It’s one of the most economical ways to provide long lasting comfort to your Maplewood house.  They do this by transferring energy between the ground and your home through a network of buried pipes in your property. The pipes are filled with a water solution, a solution that absorbed the temperature underground.  This network of pipes is commonly called an earth loop.

Geothermal Maplewood
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Geothermal Heating - Maplewood

Geothermal Heating

In the heating mode, heat is absorbed from the ground and pumped into your home.  The way this system can draw heat from the ground is pretty simple. The frost line, the part of the ground that is actually frozen, only goes down so far, after the frost line, the ground say a consistent 50 or so degrees.   And around and around the water goes, under the ground in your Maplewood property, grabbing heat from the ground, absorbing the heat in the water, dishing the heat off to the refrigerant, the refrigerant releases heat energy into the air, and that air circulates in your home, through your duct work.

It’s quite ingenious, but it takes a very skilled company to install one of these systems into your home.  Our geothermal Maplewood technicians have done hundreds and hundreds of geothermal systems.  We know what it takes to get the job done right.  And if you are interested in this kind of heating system, call our office today. We can set you up with a free estimate, and our geothermal Maplewood certified technician will give you a whole slew of options.  This way you can make an informed decision one way or the other.  

Geothermal Cooling - Maplewood

Geothermal Cooling

In cooling mode, it the system itself works in the opposite direction.  We are grabbing heat from your home, heating up the water inside the earth loop, dispersing that heat energy into the ground, and the water then cools and circulates back inside your home, where that cooling energy is transferred back into the air and circulates throughout your Maplewood home’s ductwork system.

Again, the system is quite ingenious, and even though it is more expensive than any other heating and cooling system on the market, except maybe solar power, the amount of money it costs to actually operate the system is next to nothing.  Your investment is really just on the front end.  Your utility bills will get cut by 300% or more.  It’s a green way to heat and cool your house.  And you can be rest assured that our geothermal Maplewood technicians know how to install these systems like the back of their hand.  But before you commit to anything, we strongly encourage you to just get a free estimate from our company.  Our geothermal Maplewood technician will evaluate your property, establish how large the earth loop needs to be, and give you an exact figure on how much money it will take to get a geothermal system operating on your property.

Geothermal Benefits - Maplewood

Geothermal Benefits

We have alluded to the benefits above, but they are pretty straightforward.  After your initial investment, you can dramatically reduce your heating and cooling costs to your home, by more than 300%.  Not only that, but you will be dramatically reducing the amount of greenhouse gases you are consuming, as this option is extremely environmentally friendly.

Another great benefit of this system is that it requires little to no maintenance.  With gas fired systems, you need a technician to come out every year and tune up the unit, but with a geothermal system, that kind of perfective maintenance work is not required.  It is a self sufficient system.  Call our office, and schedule a free estimate with one of our geothermal Maplewood technicians today.  Stop wasting money on high energy bills, stop hurting the environment, and stop having to worry about the headaches of costly breakdowns.  Geothermal is the way to go for you Maplewood home!

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