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Furnace Tune Up West St. Paul

Why should I get a Furnace Tune Up?

Some companies recommend you get a furnace tune up in the fall before you start running your furnace, other say in the spring before you stop running your furnace for the summer. At Service Today our furnace tune up West St. Paul technicians feel its personal preference. Whenever you get your tune up just make sure you get it at that time every year going forward.

Furnace Tune Up 101

What does a furnace tune up West St. Paul visit include? You’d be surprised, some companies only give you the bare minimums and call it a tune up, Service Today throws in as many extras as they can. At Service Today your Furnace Tune Up West St Paul visit will include a cleaning of the whole furnace inside and out, they check the wires and makes sure they are all still functioning and look safe, they check the ducts, the check the air for gas and make sure nothing is leaking. They check the air quality to make sure you are living in the safest West St Paul environment possible, then they check to make sure you are saving as much money as possible each month and that your machine is efficient as possible.

Furnace Tune Up costs are getting Higher and Higher

Service Today has a great solution for this problem that many West St Paul residents have been noticing. The price of everything is going up event furnace tune up West St. Paul visits. One thing you won’t see go up in price is Service Today’s membership, we have a pricelock that is good for 10 years. You won’t see the price rise until mid 2025. By joining the Comfort Club you pay a small fee of only $12.99 a month and it comes with a complimentary furnace tune up West St. Paul visit in the fall/winter, and a tune up for your AC in the spring. You can be sure that the price will be the lowest maintenance plan than anyone else. As a West St. Paul member you will also receive discounts on services and same day service, what more could you ask for?

It’s all About Preventative Maintenance

Just like a doctor’s check up an Service Today furnace tune up West St Paul visit is for preventative maintenance, that is why it is required by many manufacturers to keep the warranty valid. But without a furnace telling you they don’t feel good how will a furnace tune up West St Paul technician know that a furnace needs to be fixed? This is something that our furnace technicians were taught in training. They can tell if a furnace is working too hard or if the filter needs to be changed more often, it’s little things like this that they notice in the tune up check up that can save you a lot of money down the road if the issue is fixed right away.