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Furnace Tune Up Maplewood

Annual Check Up for your Furnace too?

Thats right, just like you go to the doctors office each year to do your annual check up your furnace needs a home visit each year to make sure it’s running to the best of its ability. Having a furnace tune up Maplewood technician come in once a year to check your furnace for effectiveness and safety is the best thing you can do for the life and health of your furnace. If you are also looking to do this within your budget we have a great opportunity for you and any Maplewood resident. It’s called the Comfort Club Membership, as a member we will give you two free annual check ups, one for your furnace and one for your AC. The furnace tune up Maplewood unit check isn’t the only great deal you get as a member, you will also get discounts on any repair or install and be pushed to the front of the line for service calls.

Why Choose Service Today for Your Tune Up

There’s a few things Service Today can offer you that no other Maplewood company can. One of those things is our annual tune ups, each tune up takes only about an hour, but in that hour our certified furnace tune up Maplewood technician does a 33 point inspection. That covers everything inside and out of the furnace, that covers the cleaning, that covers an in depth safety check. Then on top of it we guarantee our work. If you are not 100% satisfied with the service you received let us know. We want to make our furnace tune up Maplewood services the best they can be and if you see anyway we can improve we want to know.

Service Today Certified Technician

Most people expect their technicians to be certified and educated but Service Today goes above and beyond when it comes to our furnace tune up Maplewood technicians. We require each technician, no matter how experienced to have 200 hours a year of training in our lab. This isn’t because we don’t think they know what they are doing, it’s to keep them at the top of their game. With all the new advances in technology if you aren’t working on them as they come out it will be extremely more difficult to fix them in the future. The same goes with the older products we have our furnace tune up Maplewood technicians work on. If you aren’t working with a certain type of product for a while you will forget some things. Our technicians can walk into any Maplewood home and feel comfortable working on any type of furnace.

Stick with the Pros

With the DIY craze going around it’s a common thought to do your own appliance tune up to save some money, but when it comes to your furnace you should let the pros handle it. Most manufacturer’s warranties require a certified furnace tune up Maplewood professional do annual tune ups to stay active. But besides that fact a furnace pushes out gases and other harsh products you don’t want your family to breath. If you mess up something it could cost even more to fix. So give Service Today a call today and have a furnace tune up Maplewood technician come visit your home.