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Furnace Tune Up Cottage Grove

Benefits of the Comfort Club

If you haven’t been apart of the comfort club in the past you are wasting money you could be using for something better. Service Today Comfort Club is an offer for Cottage Grove residents for only $12.99 a year, where our certified technicians will come out to your home and give you a free furnace tune up Cottage Grove safety and efficiency check. We know how life gets in the way and sometimes a furnace tune up Cottage Grove visit can get overlooked or pushed back and then its already the next year. With a membership we will call you to set up a time for your furnace tune up Cottage Grove visit. It’s important to not overlook your furnace tune ups because your warranties depend on them. Being apart of the Comfort club isn’t just about the tune up, it gives you discounts and priority in our scheduling as well. Give us a call today to become a member.

Going with the Groupon…On Second Thought.

You see the best rates for furnace tune up Cottage Grove visits online all the time, why not go with them. First of all we always want to mention that just because they have a great ad out doesn’t make them a great company, do your research and make sure they are a legitimate company with certified furnace tune up Cottage Grove technicians. Secondly, if they have time to offer their services at an extreme discount on groupon they are going to get a rush of Cottage Grove homeowners setting up appointments and taking up their time, when they do finally get to your home are they going to be focused on your specific furnace or are they going to be thinking about how fast they can finish this furnace tune up Cottage Grove so they can get to the next place.

Go with Experience

When an Service Today furnace tune up Cottage Grove technician arrives at your house you will know right away that they are a certified and educated HVAC technician. You will also notice how polite and honest they are with their quotes and respectfulness to you and your home. These skills were sought after when hiring each of our furnace tune up Cottage Grove technicians. We were looking for HVAC specialists who were also very good with people engagement and being polite and respectful to our customers but at the same time being confident in their decisions when it came to the service required for their furnace unit.