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Furnace South St. Paul

Minnesota is known for many things…lakes, cool accents (yes, the finest) and COLD winters! When we drop down to our winter lows and the outdoors turn into a Jack London novel, you want a reliable heating system keeping you cozy. Likewise, when the lakes thaw and the days grow hot and humid, an efficient cooling system is a must! Service Today Heating & Cooling is a South St. Paul HVAC company who delivers the finest indoor comfort services in the area!

A Company Like No Other

We said “finest” above — that could sound arrogant or ignorant, but we promise that it’s neither! We’re a company dedicated to 100% customer happiness. We put the interests of our customers first — even if it’s not convenient! Sometimes a part isn’t covered under a manufacturer warranty and we’ll warranty it on our dime. Sometimes there is a problem that we didn’t cause. You know what? It doesn’t matter, because we’re focused on doing the right thing for our customer.

Skills That Beat The Competition

We’re a NATE certified company with technicians who have the in-depth experience and training to do the job the right way. You’d be shocked at how many South St. Paul HVAC companies will ignore factory specification requirements and other crucial sizing and installation steps when putting in new equipment. The result sometimes costs a homeowner thousands of dollars to fix. When you rely on Service Today for your heating, indoor air quality and air conditioning needs you’re given the best treatment and things are done the right way, every time. We stand behind our products and work 100%.